Attorney William HamelThe ACTUAL Felony Complaint Case # 04794-2009 Filed Against Him In Bronx Criminal Court

August 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

Dear Readers,

As a public service we are posting the actual Felony Complaint papers below filed against William R. Hamel of, as the complaint says Dinkes & Schwitzer. However, the pdf can easily be accessed via this link from the New York Law Journal ( We are also posting court records. Information for court updates, motions, etc. can be accessed by googling New York Courts, clicking on New York State Unified Court System, (, >ecourts>WebCrims (Public). You will then be directed to the ecourts WebCrims Available Search Options page. You can easily search by the Case Identifier/Case or Summons #-which is 04794-2009,  or Defendant’s name, William Hamel. If searching by either, in the county space click on Bronx County. This will yield the court information that is for public view–as it should be.

Hamel’s next court appearance date, is according to the ecourt search page:

04794-2009 Hamel, William 08/23/2011 Bronx Supreme Court – Criminal Term Barrett, S 60

The Court record on ecourts of Hamel’s right to audaciously waste taxpayer’s money by trying to get it dismissed is below. We say audaciously as his case has been previously adjourned on several other occasions for the past tow, (2) years. Additionally, according to the complaint itself, the Criminal Charges Against Hamel, are based on alleged “telephone records of the defendant and others; observations made and photographs taken of a meeting between the defendant and …. on March 14, 2007, in the vicinity of 597-99 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York; and the statements of the defendant and Gladys Diaz, overheard during court-ordered eavesdropping”

In today’s world, all of the public at large, associate, socialize, and work, with the Medical Profession, Medical  Staffers, Insurance Carriers, and the like, without the government discovering us allegedly in the midst of  committing a Criminal Felony, that is, Bribery, -which is punishable by  time in prison- while conducting a government sting. We’d like to know how is it that Hamel, an attorney, mind you, who has similar contact and contacts, just like the rest of us, finds himself in a position, being accused of alleged criminal activity, (allegedly via telephone records, etc.)  when the rest of us don’t.

We might add that the type of Criminal activity Hamel is accused of makes the rest of us suffer 100 fold beyond what we, the public have to, by resulting in a decrease of medical care, and increase of all components of medical charges, (i.e., doctor’s bills, insurance costs, pharmaceuticals), that we in our society are forced to pay. And that’s just the medical care and expenses that are decreased and increased in an unnecessary negative way, respectively. What needs to be mentioned as well, are the court expenses that we, the public must shell out to pursue these charges against Hamel, an attorney who is not just supposed to follow the reasonable rules that the rest society follows with ease,  but he is far more legally bound by his own profession’s specific ethics expressed in writing by the New York Bar Association.

So we at, although staunch believer’s in the American philosophy of “innocent until proven guilty”, but this is an instance, given just the two points alone that are made above, where we find it very hard to believe that Hamel is innocent. In fact we don’t. And obviously those we the same belief who know number in the thousands as, this story in various forms, has been published by not only such Press outlets as The New York Daily News geared to the general public but by such Law trade publications as The New York Law Journal.

We hope the Judge and Jury on Felony Complaint Case #04794-2009 filed against William Hamel, attorney at Dinkes & Schwitzer throws the prison time book at this lowlife, Hamel.

Readers, don’t be fooled by Dinkes & Schwitzer’s website that has removed William Hamel’s photo and name that were previously prominently posted before we started publishing these articles. our sources tell us Hamel has been lurking, -uh we mean working,- in and out of the background at their offices, since 2009. Hamel posted and has been out on $25000 bail since late 2009.

As listed below Hamel’s next court appearance in 8/23/11 which is ten, (10), short days away. We are counting the hours.

Date CourtPart Type Disposition Activity Date Filed
05/27/2011 60 TO DISMISS Denied Decided

The actual Felony Complaint papers are just below via New York law Journal:





-against-                                                                                FELONY COMPLAINT




Richard Smith, a Senior Investigator with the New York State Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”), being duly sworn, deposes and says that during a period

from on or about March 12, 2007, to about April 16, 2007, in the County of the Bronx, State of New York, the defendant, William Hamel, committed the offenses of:

BRIBERY IN THE 3rd DEGREE, in violation of Penal Law § 200.00, a class D Felony, in that the defendant did confer and offer and agree to confer any benefit upon a public servant upon an agreement and understanding that such public servant’s vote, opinion, judgment, action, decision and exercise of discretion as a public servant would thereby be influenced.

Defendant committed this crime as follows:

1. This felony complaint is based upon information and belief, with the source of deponent’s information and the grounds for his belief being his involvement in the investigation conducted by the OAG, the New York City Department of Investigation, and the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (“HHC”) Office of the Inspector General; the business records of HHC; records of the New York State Office of Court Administration; telephone records of the defendant and others; observations made and photographs taken of a meeting between the defendant and Gladys Diaz (“Diaz”) on March 14, 2007, in the vicinity of 597-99 Grand


Concourse, Bronx, New York; and the statements of the defendant and Gladys Diaz, overheard during court-ordered eavesdropping.

2. I have reviewed HHC business records indicating that Diaz is and was during the relevant period of time employed by HHC as a Clerical Associate at Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center (“Lincoln”), located at 234 East 149th Street, Bronx, New York, and that her responsibilities are to assist a surgical unit by assembling patient charts upon admission and discharge of patients; otherwise to assist in maintaining certain information in patient charts; to communicate with the admitting office regarding patient discharges; and to act as a receptionist.

These records also demonstrate that Diaz had access to confidential patient information.

3. Based on my review of the telephone information compiled during this investigation, telephone calls were made during the relevant period of time between the defendant’s cellular telephone and Diaz’s cellular telephone. Based on this investigation, I am familiar with defendant’s and Diaz’s voices. I have listened to telephone calls recorded pursuant to court ordered eavesdropping warrants of the defendant’s cellular telephone for the following dates and times, and in sum and substance the following was stated:

a. Call # 660, 3/12/07 at 2:48 p.m.: Diaz told the defendant that she passed along patient and accident information to his office. The defendant stated that she can contact him directly.

b. Call # 778, 3/20/07 at 4:36 p.m.: Diaz left the defendant a voicemail message with patient information, including the name, type of accident and hospital location.

c. Call # 1160, 4/16/07 at 11:24:01 a.m.: Diaz discussed meeting with the defendant and that Diaz was not receiving the full amount of money she was owed from the defendant on cases.

4. Based on records of the Office of Court Administration, the defendant is an attorney


admitted to practice in the State of New York. According to a listing on Martindale Hubble and a website for the law firm Dinkes & Schwitzer found at, Dinkes & Schwitzer is a law firm that specializes in, among other things, bringing lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs in automobile accident, medical malpractice, and construction accident cases. The defendant is listed in the Dinkes & Schwitzer website as being a trial lawyer with the firm.

5. Based on my experience investigating motor vehicle insurance fraud at the OAG, including de-briefing admitted participants, listening to thousands of intercepted telephone calls in this investigation, conducting undercover operations, and conducting surveillance, I have learned that that there are several similar features in most no-fault insurance fraud rings.

First, steerers or no-fault personal injury attorneys must recruit Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Victims to become patients. Steerers or attorneys find victims and recruit them as patients in a variety of ways. Often, hospital employees sell confidential patient information to “steerers” or attorneys.

In other situations, the steerer or attorney pays a tow-truck driver or an insurance broker for victim information. Sometimes, the steerer listens to a police scanner and solicits victims at the accident scene. Once the steerer or attorney has the victim information, they direct the MVA victims to attend corrupt no-fault medical clinics owned by co-conspirators. The clinics provide the patients with medically unnecessary treatment or fail to provide treatment and then submit fraudulent claims to insurance carriers based on that purported treatment;


and the attorneys then pursue fraudulent personal injury lawsuits for pain and suffering.

False statements made herein are punishable as a Class A misdemeanor pursuant to Penal Law § 210.45.


Richard Smith

Senior Investigator

New York State Office of the Attorney General

Dated: ______________, 2009

________________, New York




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