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This is in response to our one of our readers:

Submitted on 2012/12/27 at 8:43 pm | In reply to Dave.

We are not attorneys, however, as in any situation, if the customer/client is dissatisfied with no or substandard service, he needs to move on and or fire the firm/professional who is supposed to be providing that service.

In our opinion 3 years with no results is way too long. Mind you this is a firm as we have seen, (dys)functions and is in disrepute. They are supposed to give you, –and in writing,– periodical/monthly updates on their progress. We suspect they’ve not done that. We also suspect they’ve not returned your calls–Lawyers are notorious for not returning calls–The nerve of them. If any other professional were to do that, they’d be fired on the spot!

What we do know, and what everyone should know and what lawyers don’t like to hear—-but that is too bad as if more people would tell them what we are about to tell you their/the lawyers ears would not burn at the utterance of such– is that they are working for you, the client.

Within the confines of the law and your case, they must do your bidding–not vice versa. You are boss.

Furthermore, in our culture, –if the client fires a lawyer, the former is often looked at as a “difficult” client by the subsequent lawyer. It’s time that the stigma that is inflicted on clients who want good service from their lawyers thus want to leave them, is removed. (For those of readers who may recall, it took years for patients to seek 2nd opinions and/or to switch doctors without a similar stigma imposed on them.) This is the 21st Century. Such stigmas are throwbacks to an ancient era when only doctors and lawyers were formerly educated. ——–That time is long passed. That philosophy is long passe.

Having said all of the above, if you are still thinking of firing Dinkies and Shyster–(oh did we misspell thier name?) we would suggest you find a new lawyer first; someone you trust and have a good feeling about–(Do as much research as you can. See how many cases they’ve won. And when you sign a Retainer make sure that such things as agreeing to periodical progress updates are included, —in writing).

As a caveat: if they refuse to put that or anything else in writing, then something is radically wrong.



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