Dinkes & Schwitzer & Hamel: Hiring PR Firms To Boost Ratings Won’t Help You: The Public Is Far Smarter Than That!

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Before we begin we must inform Dinkes & Schwitzer and Hamel and the rest, (the subjects of this article) that hiring  Public Relations  companies to try to hide their deliberate machinations  will not be of help as the truth will out.

We are going to give some press to yet another disgruntled Dinkes & Schwitzer client who  experienced Dinkes & Schwitzer’s and Hamel’s dirty deeds. Despite the numerous articles  Dinkes & Schwitzer continues on the same path.

Please follow the link: http://sidebarforplaintiffs.naomifein.net/?p=8126  —     This poor lady gives a blow by blow account of what she went through with Dinkes & Schwitzer and Hamel.She goes on to enumerate such things as when she tried to obtain documents–(in law everything–mind you everything is supposed to be recorded in/on some form of documentation) she was unable to have access to it). And that’s the minor issues. (For the protection of our readers and unfortunate clients of Dinkes & Schwitzer, (and any other lawyer that pulls this) that among the  things that we must watch out for are lawyers who refuse to give whatever is related to the case in writing. If that is the situation, you know you/ve plenty to worry about.–Much to our distress, most people find out about this, way too late.)

What this poor lady elaborates  on, in very well organized, accurate, detail is that Dinkes & Schwtizer, allegedly, (again we must remind our dedicated readership that we write allegedly as we are upstanding journalists thus we are bound by the rules of our profession. Having said that if we didn’t function within the confines of the media we would not write alleged(ly) as it is our overwhelming opinion that –and we are allowed to express our opinion,–that Dinkes & Schwitzer, at the least hides records.

We also want to site one of the print media’s articles. That of the Daily News which we have sited below. But the internet abounds with articles from our colleagues in the media as well as Dinkes & Schwitzer’s/Hamel’s/Jensen’s own  colleagues in the legal trade media from such revered sources as Law.com and the like on the same subject. Obviously their own  honest colleagues  who have considered themselves members of what is supposed to be a noble profession dislike being tainted,  and indelibly, and unforgettably, stained and their profession inerasably ignoble, by what definitely seems to be the dishonest (dis)likes of Dinkes & Schwitzer, Hamel, Jensen, and whatever other shifty staff that may be employed at the same firm.

Please take note potential clients: In the Daily News article we are posting halfway down, the reporters specifically state, “a team of crooked lawyers would file personal injury lawsuits, skimming 40% of the settlements.”. —Dear rEaders, if you believe that your settlement seems too low this may very well be the reason. —-(In the sidebar for Plaintiffs blog http://sidebarforplaintiffs.naomifein.net/?p=8126  the author makdes sure to mention that her settlement was below her expectations —whereas there may be no relation we must say, how coincidental.) Our sources tell us that not only is the Daily News making these claims, but Dinkes & Schwitzer’s clients are making them as well.

And to our readership just to inform you: As of just short time ago we read extremely negative reviews of Dinkes & Schwitzer, Hamel, Jensen, etc., published on local review sites. Within recent weeks, suddenly, and somehow those negative reviews have disappeared from those sites, to be replaced by positive ones.

Dinkes & Schwitzer, Hamel, Jensen, etc., c’mon do think the public is stupid? We think the public is far smarter than that!

Given what we’ve heard and what we know, this is a very accurate article by our colleagues in the the media.



7 Bronx hospital workers arrested for bribes; accused of helping crooked clinics with insurance scam

BY Dorian Block and Helen Kennedy

Updated Wednesday, September 23rd 2009, 12:49 PM

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Seven Bronx public hospital employees were charged Wednesday with taking bribes to steer car crash victims to crooked clinics set up to bilk insurance companies.

Six worked at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center and one at Jacobi Medical Center.

In addition, William Hamel, 45, an ambulance-chasing lawyer at, Dinkes & Schwitzer,was charged with paying the hospital workers for patient information so he could solicit new clients.

The hospital employees would receive several hundred dollars for tipping the scammers to a car crash victim and providing contact information, authorities said.

Rose Gill Hearn, commissioner of the city’s Department of Investigation, said the con amounts to “professionals selling their integrity.”

The arrests are part of a massive investigation by the DOI and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo into kickbacks and insurance scams at city hospitals.

The hospital workers were charged with receiving bribes and official misconduct, and were freed on their own recognizance.

Hamel, charged with bribery, had to put up a $25,000 bond.

It was the second wave of arrests in what Cuomo calls “the Levy Enterprise,” in which a dozen people charged in July in a 147-count indictment.

Daniel Levy, 32, who operated two small medical clinics in the Bronx despite having no medical training, allegedly paid hospital workers to point out patients who had been in minor car accidents.

The patients would be directed to Levy’s clinics, where they would either be encouraged to exaggerate their injuries or given months of unnecessary treatments. Inflated insurance claims would then be filed for their phony care.

In addition, a team of crooked lawyers would file personal injury lawsuits, skimming 40% of the settlements.

Levy, his brother, a lawyer, a doctor, three acupuncturists, two chiropractors and a neurologist were among those charged in July.

Charged Wednesday were: Franklin Martinez, 54, a clerk; Vanessa Marte, 26, a hospital care investigator; Prabhudial Balkaran, 46, a transport escort; Natasha Samuels, 27, a nurse; Benito Figueroa, 50, a nurse’s aide; Odalis Caraballo, 56, a janitor, and Kenton Wright, 49, a radiographer.

The seven and the lawyer face up to seven years behind bars. All were stone-faced in court and all declined to comment through their lawyers.


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