Kings County Supreme Court House of Horrors: Judge(s) Allegedly In League Dinkes & Schiwtzer

March 30, 2013 § 1 Comment

Dear Readers,

As we always inform our readers, that as responsible Journalists, it is incumbent upon us to write the word “alleged”  before what we know to be fact.–We know because we have contacts that we are in touch with on a constant basis not only in the legal profession, but also those personally involved in the situation(s) that we cite, and we are consistently alerted and informed by reliable Court and Court house and Court Room sources and personnel, –reliable because they have shown us the documents and they witness  the events about which we write.

So we ask our audience to take that into consideration when reading our articles with the extra “alleged”. Please know that when we write “alleged” it’s because we are compelled by the Journalistic code we live by which dictates we include that word,–(As we’re sure you’ve noticed, we always write that word italicized as we mean it facetiously) and not because what we’ve any doubt whatsoever as to the events and the guilt of the ones we write about.

And so Dear Readers, lately we’ve stayed in the background watching observing and collecting news relevant to our articles. And Dinkes & Schwitzer and friends in the (il)legal system have played right into our hands. Literal case in point:

There is an  Action pending currently, of course and as usual against Dinkes & Schiwtzer, this time in the Kings County Supreme Courthouse being heard in front of a Kings County Supreme Court Justice–whose name we are not going to expose–that is, not yet. Our wish to allow this alleged JP to remain anonymous–(Remember them? How like us they are in assisting victims!) is based on the obvious prejudice this alleged JP has shown towards its pals in the legal profession, Dinkes & Schwitzer. We are trying to practice the hippocratic oath and first do no more harm to the non-legal litigant who is their adversary in this current case.

And so that we all are on the exact same page, (and our Audience probably knows this), the Supreme Court in New York State is not the highest Court of our land. The highest court is the Appellate Division.  Many people make that understandable mistake. We, in this instance are referring to the Kings County, (Borough of Brooklyn), Supreme Court which has far more limited power then of course the Appellate Division, where one would go to Appeal a Supreme Court decision, (Appeal, hence Appellate) or the Federal Supreme Court.

This Judge,–and we use that term, oh so loosely as this Judge doesn’t deserve the Honorific, because this member of the alleged Judiciary is allegedly suppressing and secreting the condemnatory, inculpating  and convicting evidence against Dinkes & Schiwtzer away from the public for, from what our sources have told us, way over a year thereby proving their/Dinkes & Schiwtzer’s alleged criminal guilt in this and other matters.

Now, of course, if the evidence were not damaging, why would this alleged magistrate or more accurately alleged (il)legal brother of Dinkes & Schiwtzer detain evidence from coming to the foreground and thus, to the attention of the public at large?

Well, via the media, this incendiary news is out there-we will not let it be obscured anymore.

Our honest and loyal friends in the legal profession–and there are still a few out there, say there is no reason, no justification. One could attempt to rationalize by saying that this bailiff of the bench needs to have reams and reams of documents, (the personnel we’ve been in touch with have seen them), in his Chamber. But that attempt would be struck down when we consider that all a JP has to do is give a snap of his fingers and those documents are at his fingertips via telling that staff member to retrieve them.

Additionally, this Benched member, (or one who should be), is allegedly hiding, (allegedly-Yeah right!), duplicate copies of the same documents, i.e., motions, and the like, so the bell of legitimacy for that idea doesn’t come near to pealing.

We will definitely add that Dinkies & Schyster’s adversary in this Action, is, allegedly a litigant who’s not in the legal profession ergo this is really the application of exploitation of this poor person and the misapplication of our legal system by this.

Oh, and we have more. In fact, worse. This , (ill) reputed Supreme Court Judge, (we point that out as an authentic honest Judge wouldn’t be involved in these kind of shenanigans).has further tried to keep the proceedings under wraps, again out of the ken and consciousness of  his constituents by coincidentally not routinely supplying the proper Court staff member to document those proceedings so as to put them on record!

We further have heard tell that this supposed Justice of the Peace, despite being asked allegedly an infinite amount of times for the transcriptions for the past related proceedings has disregarded every request, neglecting to allegedly abide by the law and give the litigant the documentation/recordings of those proceedings.

Isn’t it (un)funny that this Justiciary is showing its prejudice as opposed to showing its honest mettle, on two levels to benefit its compadres that just happen to be also associated with the Bar?

And solely, for anyone who thinks differently, a judge is just a glorified barrister–(as an afterthought, some might think we mean the type at Starbuck’s which wouldn’t be too far from the truth!) as this one is definitely making sure there’s something rotten in the State of  New York.

Many people also don’t know that we elect Judges. And in all truth, if and when we elect those members of the bench, what do we know about them? How many of us chose them solely by, or not by, their names. Just to be on the ballot these guys pay under the table and through the nose.

Disdainfully, what we can be sure of is that most “Justiciars” have political aspirations and so we must be very careful, somehow–about whom we elect to the bench. And in a situation like this, are we saying that because Dinkes & Schwitzer has allegedly gotten away with murder that this judge wants to allegedly assist them with getting away with more?–We certainly are.

Otherwise what’s the/your excuse, Kings County Supreme Court Justice? Where are the records?

Our readership wants to see and read the allegedly damning evidence against Dinkes & Schwitzer.  And, Kings County Supreme Court Judge, you are NOT supposed to allegedly be helping them hide such evidence. By gum, Give some people an inch and they think they’re rulers!

Well, f there’s nothing wrong and Dinkes & Schwitzer is innocent, then why not allow the public to take a look? Why don’t you disprove what we’re writing? What are you afraid of, the wrath of your suppositionally omniscient chums at Dinkes & Schwitzer?

We think so.  However, we’re not going to allow you to safeguard Dinkes & Schwitzer any longer.

And, as importantly, when is your term up hypothetical Judge? We guess you live under the mistaken and delusional omnipotent attitude that tells you you made of teflon thus you can’t be censured, retired, or removed per the edicts of Judicial Conduct or like your bosom buddies, the law.–And fyi, there are people above you, not to mention your constituents that must answer to.

Having said that,  we want to tell our Readers that the evidence we write of will come to the fore as either this alleged Judge will be forced to make it so via this article or law. Either way we don’t care as long as this poor litigant is given the proper day in court. Moreover, our articles have gone a long way and have not gone unnoticed by the governmental powers that be–and we know that’s much to the happiness of our Audience and those aforementioned powers.

Dear Audience, to be continued in our next installment.  And we can assure you there will be one…………………….

The Internet is mightier than the sword.


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