Kings County Court House Corruption and Consternation: Supreme Court Justice Kenneth P. Sherman Allegedly Assists Dinkes & Schwitzer To Allegedly Con Clients

April 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

Breaking news: We’ve had a late night pow-wow with our writers, editors and our Court Contacts, the last of which are just some of the honest ones in the legal (and ofttimes ((il))legal) process and profession, who are outraged about what’s been going on.

After much thought and consideration and actually many meetings, we have decided to name one of the Kings County Court Justices, who, in an allegedly obvious effort and scheme to take care of  his allegedly (un)professional pals, no other than, Dinkes & Schwitzer, AND William Hamel (the latter who plead guilty to a Class A Misdemeanor and paid $300K in fines), is allegedly breaking the law  himself to achieve his goals. Let us count the ways.

In our past installments, we told our Readers that Dinkes & Schwitzer and their   “Supervising and Star”  attorney William Hamel allegedly, —(Please Dear Readers, we think we need not remind all of you that when we write the word, “alleged” or “allegedly” in regard to Dinkes & Schiwtzer, William Hamel, the Kings County ((Supreme Court)), Courthouse, or the Bar Association, or anyone of the sort, we write either one of those words, as we are responsible Journalists not because we believe or know what we refer to as “alleged(ly)“,  to be so, but rather we know it not to be true.) are notorious for allegedly being lawyers of ill repute.

As we have previously asserted, the aforementioned cannot go forth illegally without the alleged help of some Judges and the Bar Association. –Or in short the (il)legal system and profession. In this article, and as promised prior, we are going to cover the former, the allegedly complicit judges.

Kings County Supreme Court Justice-definitely a misnomer– Kenneth P. Sherman–(By the way we promised weeks ago, that if he doesn’t act in a manner judicially apropos, i.e., being impartial per his duties and Oath of Office, (such as allegedly putting condemning evidence against Dinkes & Schiwtzer, and William Hamel, his alleged pals, in the public record where it belongs instead of allegedly suppressing it from public view), we were going to give his name. Well, apparently he has not taken heed and done that so we are befittingly compelled to keep our promise by presenting the public with his name, which is Judge Kenneth P. Sherman: The Lawless, East of the Pecos.

Judge Roy Bean oops!-we meant to say, Judge Kenneth Sherman, –as our Court coadjutors have alerted us to,–in his partisan and inimitable prejudgment has thus far (in the course of overseeing a case where a layperson is opposing  Dinkes & Schwitzer for alleged unearned, legal fees and alleged fraudulently charged disbursements:

1-Allegedly withheld  and is continuing to withhold incriminating evidence against Dinkes & Schwitzer from the public record so that such documents as the layperson’s Affirmation in Opposition is missing from the the public records.–In fact, the court staffers tell us that almost everything that Judge Kenneth “Roy Bean” Sherman has allegedly gotten his hands on that hasn’t gone through other facets of the court, has not found its way to the public record, the home of official Court documents.

We’ve heard tell that the very mistakenly trusting of the (il)legal system, litigant, handed in documents containing calumniatory evidence against Dinkes & Schwitzer  personally to this judge as early as the beginning of last year, only to have to have it allegedly be elsewhere in oblivion, but whose hid nor hair has been seen in the records room.

It seems very obvious that Judge Kenneth “Roy Bean” Sherman” is allegedly trying to guard Dinkes & Schwitzer AND William Hamel from what he and the latter mentioned would consider further harm to their already tarnished reputations and careers.  Well, Kenneth Roy, ya won’t do it on our watch!

2-Despite allegedly knowing that Dinkes & Schwitzer have broken laws in relation to this particular case, Judge Kenneth “Roy Bean” Sherman, has been prolonging this case without legitimacy so that this segment of the case and its legal fruition has been impeded- by this judge’s alleged collusion with Dinkes & Schwitzer and their alleged perfidy.

Supplement to that, Judge Kenneth “Roy Bean” Sherman, has allegedly refused to inflict any sanctions, –That’s right, Dear Readers no punishment for the alleged treachery and lawbreaking of Dinkes & Schwitzer and that’s just in relation to this case.

3-Allegedly, Judge, K “Roy Bean” Sherman, has granted Dinkes & Schwitzer’s motions yet has granted absolutely nothing requested by the litigant.

–Dear Readers, Judges are supposed to pick and choose. And when it comes to granting requests verbalized either in court or in writing a prudent impartial judge would grant something to each side, or a few to each; not everything to one and nothing to the other.

4-Our Court Comrades have told us that after granting Dinkes & Schiwtzer’s motion vocally in Court, and after allegedly having the latter’s defense counsel send the decision to the litigant that confirmed said decision, (which included releasing Dinkes & Schwitzer, so the latter could go on to allegedly bilk more clients, as well as a stay of the case and a supposed “plea of conscience” by Judge K “Roy Bean” Sherman, for the litigant to obtain a lawyer, -and, that’s the extent of the Order),  they found in some obscure archived files regarding this case, (files that are hidden from public view but posted in the form of an unknown–to the public as well as some staffers, court code), that Judge Kenneth “Roy Bean” Sherman, allegedly tried to dispose of the case behind the back of the litigant while allegedly simultaneously setting up more Court appearance dates.

This means that Judge K “Roy Bean” Sherman would have allegedly more illicit covert meetings with the litigant’s potential attorney, (had the litigant hired one), about an already disposed case that in reality was still in progress, that litigant’s attorney would or would not be successful in restoring to calendar without the knowledge of the litigant!

Dear Readership there’s much more that this Judge has allegedly pulled to help his brethren get their hands on money they’ve  allegedly stolen; which we will continue to tell about in our next installment. But before we do:

Justice Kenneth P. Sherman, we know you and the legal profession have long been cognizant of our blog and. Need we say, we dutifully want to promise you that if we find out that you are further retaliating against this poor litigant,  we will accommodate you and by simply publishing it.—We don’t mind……..

The internet is mightier than the sword and The Court.


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