William Hamel Pleads Guilty To Class A Misdemeanor/Facilitation Of Crime/Pays $300K Fine = Disciplinary Committee Penalties–Or Is It Who You Know?

April 25, 2013 § 12 Comments

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of our Audience,

While Hamel’s attorney was busy negotiating a Plea Bargain with the Attorney General’s Office trying to get his client out of a Felony conviction –(first he tried the route of a motion to dismiss, –which didn’t work),– Mr. Newman, to allegedly avoid more motion practice wrote Judge Barrett the following letter which substantiates Hamel’s Fines of $300,000 apparently in lieu of admitting to the Felonies he was accused of and pleading guilty to a Class A Misdemeanor.

Please read the letter we have posted. We have excerpted some very important lines contained within:

Gustave Newman's Letter RE Hamel's Plea Bargain Hamel Pleading Guilty Pg1

Photo Courtesy of World-News-Media.com

Take a gander at this Dear Readers. In the course Despite being allowed to do so, Mr. Newman still complains that his client, William Hamel by taking this plea bargain, that is, to plead guilty to a Class A Misdemeanor specifically admitting  “In 2007 in the Bronx, after an injured patient was accepted as a Personal Injury client, I, (William Hamel), paid an employee of Lincoln Hospital for disclosing patient information to me.”

Then look at Pg 2 below:

“We then received from Assistant Attorney General Jeff Minett an affidavit to be signed by our client which purported to be a plea agreement.  That document required a plea by our client to criminal facilitation, with an onerous allocution.  We responded by referring to the earlier § § 479 and 482 cases his office had sent us and the potential disciplinary penalties attendant to them, which we had indicated our client could accept.”–

Dear Readers, it looks like the criminal is dictating to the government!

4-23-13 Gustave Newman's Letter Pg2 Pg 2 Better Better RE Hamel's Plea Bargain  IMG_1039 - Version 2

Pg 3:

“As can be seen from all of the above, the exact misdemeanor offense to which our client pleads has important disciplinary consequences for him. The label of the misdemeanor is of no consequence for anybody but our client.”

Oh, Dear Readers,  is that so!

4-23-13 Gustave Newman's.Letter Pg3 Pg 3 RE Hamel's Plea Bargain and Disciplinary measures Punishments Proceedings jpg

Dear Audience,

When have you heard of somebody paying $300K in Fines–How about never! As we have said, the amount of the Fine, demonstrates the seriousness of the crime. To be continued……

The internet is mightier than the sword.


§ 12 Responses to William Hamel Pleads Guilty To Class A Misdemeanor/Facilitation Of Crime/Pays $300K Fine = Disciplinary Committee Penalties–Or Is It Who You Know?

  • L says:

    Magnificent beat! I’m a subscriber.

    I thank you for the info that I keep up with and alert my friends and colleagues. I’m a constant reader part of you dedicated Readership.
    It is my misfortunate to be remotely acquainted with Wm. Schwitzer. Let’s say I’ve heard of him. Did you hear there was a TRO filed against him?

    I just thought I’d give some more clarity to your other Readers and my fellow ones.


  • Phil says:

    Your description of the whole thing is incredibly accurate. We’ve only heard bad things about these particular lawyers, (of course that convict William Hamel and his partners in crime Dinkes & Schwitzer, his enablers Godosky & Gentile, Roy Bean Sherman, and that idiot Sunshine and the other who condone the such criminal activities, the DDC) including the fact that the reason they have stolen from their clients is besides the fact that they are crooked they also are extremely inept and incompetent. We had friends who were in need of Personal Injury Attorneys. Due to our advice they didn’t even consider Dinkes & Schwitzer Thanks


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