BREAKING NEWS: William Hamel, While Fighting Federal Bribery Charges, Plea Bargaining And Getting Conditional Discharge On Same Was Allegedly Taking Bribes On Other Cases

April 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dear Readers,

To satisfy the terrific demand of our audience we give you this:

Breaking News:  Our legal compatriots at the New York State and City Supreme Court Court Houses  have found out that during the time that William Hamel, ESQ. was allegedly fighting for his legal life and career, and allegedly taking the Felony charges filed against him seriously, he was allegedly taking bribes in relation to other cases.

Situation in point: our Court Contacts have discovered a communique from a case Dinkes & Schiwtzer and their lawyers, inclusive of William Hamel were involved in from the Defense Attorneys on the case saying: “Please note that we will not have the disbursement check drafted until such time as the issue regarding the proceeds between your office and bert taras, esq. are resolved.”

Some clarity to any of our readers with no legal background. There is absolutely no legal justification for the defendants or their counsel, –(according to this letter, a firm allegedly called, Goldberg Segalla), to pay a plaintiff’s counsel a “disbursement check”  or any type of payment without the written authorization of the plaintiff. We forcefully add that:

1- According to this document these payments were unauthorized by Dinkes & Schwitzer’s client, the plaintiff, and according to the latter, these were bribery payments.

2-When the Court ordered on record as well,  as signed a Court Order demanding Dinkes & Schiwtzer to surrender the records regarding this case, Dinkes & Schiwtzer,  allegedly failed to. –And, we don’t expect them to, as by doing so they would be compelled to reveal details of the above.–at the very least.

3-What was Hamel, and Dinkes & Schwitzer, as well as this, Bert taras, (the plaintiff’s former attorney who, as we found out, was  fired by the plaintiff years ago doing taking payments of any sort from the defendant’s lawyers)

4-What was bert taras doing still being involved in a case he was fired from years ago?

5-This letter is dated 5/12/2011. Hamel’s case was going on from 12/23/09 until its disposition which was 3/28/13.

6-It sure seems like Hamel and his cohorts at Dinkes & Schwitzer were involved in alleged dirty dealings with the defendants, their lawyers, and this bert taras.

7-William Hamel, Esq. and Dinkes & Schiwtzer, and this bert taras, Goldberg Segalla, we will be quite glad to post this letter if it please you all. In fact we’re deliberating as to whether we will post it whether it please you all it or not.

The plaintiff has repeatedly mentioned a fear for safety on court papers given that these are allegedly  dangerous people–and we agree.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found this information out through the diligent work of our wonderful contacts at the Kings County Supreme Court Courthouse. We cannot thank them enough.

We must tell you all we are tenaciously working to get more information on the matter



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