Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hamel and Dinkes & Schwitzer Will Allegedly Be Fighting For Their Lives As Their 9/11/13 Hearing Regarding the Case They Dragged Out For 10 Years Looms

August 21, 2013 § 7 Comments

Mug shot and plead of guilty by notorious criminal William Hamel, courtesy of World-News-Media

Mug shot and plead of guilty by notorious criminal William Hamel, courtesy of World-News-Media

Dear Readers,

Let us preface this article with the fact that we have intentionally not published, and made it a habit not to publish all the allegedly, (allegedly, yeah right!), incriminating evidence  against Hamel/Dinkes & Schiwtzer that we are aware of. To be sure, there’s plenty more.

As we previously let you all know, there is what is called an Evidentiary Hearing set for 9/11/13 in Room 356 in the Kings County Supreme Court House, (Of Horrors), at 2:30 PM to determine whether Hamel/Dinkes & Schiwtzer are entitled to Legal Fees and Disbursements allegedly did not earn in a case, Index # 22335/03 they dragged out with the alleged help of the other alleged conspirators–(and by this time the list that allegedly Hamel and the  alleged Dinkes & Schwitzer gang have collected—-Let us give a preliminary count, William Hamel, (who has a criminal record now as he admitted to bribing a Public Servant and so was allowed out of serving time by paying out $300k in fines and by agreeing to a Conditional discharge), William Schwitzer, The Eponymous, –(Hey Schwitzer, look it up!), who as such allegedly and logically oversees and is allegedly cognizant and allegedly cognizant of what Hamel does, (Ladies and Gentlemen, of the jury of Public opinion,  we make a distinction as we are trying to be nice thus in the course of being so we could say he is not cognizant–So Schwitzer, you choose), Joelle Jensen, very negatively prominent in the Court documents of this case,.

Then there’s Bert Taras who was the former attorney who the Plaintiff fired who then filed documents for /this being after the litigant fired him and when Hamel/Dinkes & Schiwtzer  were supposed to, all without the knowledge and permission of the client, in this case,–Oh yes Ladies and Gentlemen)–And, get this, Hamel/Dinkes & Schiwtzer allegedly didn’t want to be without a cut of the pay-offs so are allegedly SHARING  them, –not happily we might add with Bert Taras.(Please look below)

Then there’s Goldberg Segalla  who was representing defendants 1625 Emmons Ave, who allegedly , but according to court documents, and their own correspondences, including what is referenced above and is below agreed to pay-off, under the table, both Taras, Hamel/Dinkes & Schiwtzer allegedly, (yeah right!) so allowing and promoting Taras and Hamel/Dinkes & Schiwtzer to allegedly, (allegedly, oh right!) skim or more accurately allegedly, (allegedly, oh right!) steal from the settlement as the Daily News claims and as does the litigant as shown below: We and our colleagues at the Daily News,–and there are other newspapers that have profiled Hamel and Dinkes & Schwitzer regarding this same issue–Just google them, i.e., Law.com,–The New York Post, etc.7-31-13 Taras Illegal Goldberg Segalla Fax  Re Illegal Payments 5:1:11

Daily News Article courtesy of Daily News and its writers Dorian Block and Helen Kennedy

Daily News Article courtesy of Daily News and its writers Dorian Block and Helen Kennedy

Oh and let us not leave out, Godosky & Gentile who may allegedly be defending them all.

So the litigant  AND the Daily News claims that Hamel/Dinkes & Schiwtzer not only skimmed from the settlement but took bribes to do so, there is documented proof of such, (above), Hamel is guilty and confesses to engaging in bribery–Bribing a Public Servant.–Which allegedly definitely indicates bribery and skimming is the major element of their modus operandi, and yet it hasn’t occurred at all and certainly not in this case where there is documented evidence proving as much and worse? Hmmmmmmm. Hey, Kenneth “Roy Bean” Sherman, we can liken that to your alleged Alzheimer’s like, contrary to logic and honest thinking! And remember Ladies and Gentlemen of the public at large we’ve far more allegedly incriminating evidence against them.

What, no smile Hamel? William looks none too happy at being caught. (Photo courtesy World-News-Media)

What, no smile Hamel? William looks none too happy at being caught. (Photo courtesy World-News-Media)

 Hamel Case #4794 09 Folder/File Please notice, First 1/2 of written line in the 6th Column: "Crim Facil 4". --(which means Criminal Facilitation). Second written line in the 6th Column: PG--(which means Pleads/Plead Guilty) to 115.00 (Photo courtesy World-News-Media)

Hamel Case #4794 09 Folder/File Please notice, First 1/2 of written line in the 6th Column: “Crim Facil 4”. –(which means Criminal Facilitation). Second written line in the 6th Column: PG–(which means Pleads/Plead Guilty) to 115.00 (Photo courtesy World-News-Media)

Please notice, First 1/2 of written line in the 6th Column: "Crim Facil 4". --(which means Criminal Facilitation). Second written line in the 6th Column: PG--(which means Pleads/Plead Guilty) to 115.00

William Hamel’s $300K Fine paid in the form od a Bank Check as the Government does not trust him–as well they shouldn’t! The amount of the check should demonstrate the seriousness of William Hamel’s crimes. Thank goodness for our court sources. (Photo Courtesy of World-News-Media)

We’ve heard tell that the proverbial gallows are in the ready as we have all waited for an explanation from Hamel/ and the Dinkes & Schiwtzer gang regarding  taking  paying offs from Plaintiff’s lawyers and have yet to get one. And let it be known, Dear Readers, WE HAVE NOT, AND ARE NOT, PUBLISHING ALL THE EVIDENCE AGAINST HAMEL/DINKES & SCHWITZER YET–AS A COURTESY TO THE LITIGANT! But we will at the right time. And, we promise we will give a blow by blow description of the proceedings for those of you who have emailed us telling us you can’t attend the above hearing.

And so why would Dinkes & Schiwtzer engage in a hearing where they allegedly can’t refute incriminating documented evidence?

There are two, reasons. One is, REVENGE, REVENGE, REVENGE.

It is the well known alleged (alleged, oh right!) misbegotten attitude of  Hamel, (a cocky admitted criminal–Hamel had to plead guilty to facilitating a crime because he didn’t have a leg to stand on-otherwise and would’ve have been in for worse had he not), as well as the alleged misbegotten attitude of the alleged Dinkes & Schiwtzer clan, (not to meniton some other lawyers we’ve all come across) that clients should accept without question and questioning any type of (mal) treatment from them and if they do they are going to get it.

But revenge in this instance, is revenge upon the purveyor’s of such, i.e., the alleged Hamel /Dinkes & Schiwtzer gang as the price continues to rise exponentially. And to no avail with no end in sight but with them being on the alleged, (alleged, yeah right) brim of annihilation in court via evidence and extinction as a firm. They already begun to quickly unravel. Hmmmmm, can you imagine contributing to your own extinction.

The other is attrition. They are trying to “get”, (and perhaps we shouldn’t put quotation marks around the word because according to the litigant, Hamel and Jensen, allegedly, ((allegedly yeah right) had the litigant come to their office AFTER HOURS  allegedly, (allegedly, yeah right!) inflicting threats).

We can say  for sure that Hamel/Dinkes & Schiwtzer are going to  try to take the offensive But  they and their disreputableness that are at issue here and nothing else. We suspect they will underhandedly try to bring in anything extraneous–to save their skin, Newsflash Hamel/Dinkes & Schwtzer -it won’t work. And, if this “Special Referee” is honest, it certainly won’t work.

And let us add that we, and the rest of the public will not allow Hamel, –forced to admit to being the criminal that he is, and his alleged, (alleged yeah, right!), fellow criminals, to “get” the litigant in any way. We’ve heard tell that the litigant has been wisely advised to always tell the court that there is reason for the litigant to be fearful for the his/her safety given he/she is dealing with a hardend criminal, i.e. William Hamel, and his alleged (alleged, yeah right!), gang members, Bert Taras, Joelle Jensen, William Schwitzer, Raphael Otero of Goldberg Segalla, etc. etc. and whomever else Dinkes & Scwhitzer allegedly (allegedly, yeah right), have attempted to include in their allegedly , (allegedly, yeah right), illegal  schemes. And aforementioned, it is Hamel and Dinkes & Schiwtzer who have been respectively guilty of criminal activity and allegedly, (allegedly, yeah right) associated with  same. (please click on link below:




§ 7 Responses to Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hamel and Dinkes & Schwitzer Will Allegedly Be Fighting For Their Lives As Their 9/11/13 Hearing Regarding the Case They Dragged Out For 10 Years Looms

  • Dan says:

    Wow, this piece of writing is good, my younger sister is analyzing such things as she has a Personal Injury case she’d like to file, so I am going to tell her to read your posts. I think she’ll agree with me that even thinking about hiring these guys for the position of street cleaner wouldn’t be advisable.

    Thanks so much, we appreciate it.


  • SC says:

    I, (it’s actually we as there are several people that are collaborating on this so we request anonymity.

    We have long been following your blog. It’s funny, but as staffers at the Kings County Supreme Court we have called Judge Vermin that precise name too!

    Local scuttlebutt claims that he/Dinkes & Schwtizer, and Godosky & Gentile, have hacked into the accounts of several people. And that’s just one of the things these crooks are supposedly known to do.

    We are warning you to look over your shoulder for the rest of your life as we wouldn’t be shocked should there some form of more retaliation, and more of it to influence the judgment on the case you are profiling and further retaliation in the form of violence on you people.

    We have seen documents where they have attempted to go through with the above if not a semblance of it.

    We will say that we don’t just snicker when they pass, but we make other gestures as well.

    Judge Vermin/Kenneth P. Sherman has no political future and is grasping at straws in terms of his reputation given his activities regarding the case you have been covering.


  • SC says:

    As employees of, as you call it, Kings County Court House of Horrors, we will confirm that. The reasons too numerous to mention. But in regard and relation to Roy Bean Sherman, Dinks & Schiwtzer and william Hamel, we are going to let people know Words,–yes, words have it that they are out to get the litigant.

    At the last appearance in front of Roy Bean Sherman,–the only name we know him in the Courthouse, –we all don’t respect the guy as he wouldn’t know honesty if it were sitting on the bench beside him.-all the Court House was aflutter, apparently the disabled litigant had her chair literally pulled out from under her so she fell. Now whether Roy Bean had anything to do with that could very well be since everyone was aghast when she fell and inquired if she was alright. Word is Roy Bean Sherman lifted and turned up that 2-car garage on that thing that is sometimes called a face–(not in his case), and walked out.

    There is no question in the minds of my co-workers that Roy Bean has his own scheme, along with the notorious Hamel and the notorious Dinkes & Schwitzer to try to injure the litigant in any way shape or form.


    • Publisher says:

      We must inform our Readership on occasion that where as we frequently agree with the comments by our Readers–actually, we’ve not read or come across one that disagrees with our sentiment, but we are not responsible and claim no responsibility for their/the opinions and/or sentiment of others.

      And once again, as always, when we write “alleged” or “allegedly” in italics, we only do so as it is our journalistic responsibility. We don’t do so because we believe it–In fact we don’t! (which is why we often write, –Yeah right!)

      Likewise with this one that we are commenting on. We did hear that the poor litigant fell. We heard it from our wonderful contacts in the Court house. We also heard of Roy Bean Sherman’s reprehensible lack of reaction at the incident. We decided not to post it. But since one of our Readers decided to mention it we are fully on board and are not getting off.

      According to our sources, Roy Bean Sherman has no people skills and has no interest to develop them. We’ve heard, among other things, he’s a social misfit unable to function properly. His full and persistent dysfunction has allegedly, caused him to lose all credibility and actually this has been his pattern throughout his term. (Obviously when a judge is known as, (a), “Roy Bean anything”, by his colleagues, and Roy Bean being the most notorious judge in American history with the worst reputation, –a name and a disrepute that no one in the legal profession, let alone a judge, then you know that something is staggeringly wrong.

      It is no surprise that people giggle as “Roy Bean” Sherman passes and that the term “Roy Bean” is used rampantly throughout the Courthouse and elsewhere in reference to him, while he’s present, in front of him and behind his back.


  • AC says:

    We, are in the legal profession elsewhere in the tri-state area and are staunch readers of your blog support you guys all the way.

    We want nothing to do with William Hamel, Dinkes & Schwitzer, and Godosky & Gentile.

    We are disgusted by the corruption you have been very informative about.


  • ul says:

    We, the honest judges and lawyers and other devotees of your blog aboslutely hate William Hamel, Dinkes & Schwitzer, Goldberg Segalla, Bert Taras, and the false peerage of this mob, Roy Bean Sherman since they have and still do blacken the profession.

    In terms of the last, we don’t know how much, and to whom Roy Bean Sherman, as he is unaffectionately known throughout the profession, he is beholden to, (thank you so much WNM.com) but he will go back to expressing his dung in oblivion as we won’t support him. (And this guy needs as much support he can get)

    We have a prediction though, if Hamel, or anyone of these cons is called upon to testify, they will try every trick in and out of the book–(espcially the latter, knowing them and their proclivity to illegality) to get out of it. We also predict that should they try to have the hearing in front of Roy Bean–Ah, a befitting name, indeed, he will do his crooked best to, as usual illegally rule in their favor.


    • Publisher says:

      We can believe what you say and we are on your side. William Hamel is an alleged, (Yeah right!) criminal. It’s as simple as that. We’ve had Readers, who have requested anonymity–and get that from us, (we never reveal our sources) and some who have not made that request, not knowing about our blog, who had job interviews at Dinkes & Schiwtzer and oftimes interviewed with William Hamel.

      One wrote us that after he interviewed, his friend referred him to our blog where he saw Hamel’s mug shot, and so to his distress realized that he had contact with the allegedly notorious criminal, Hamel, and far worse, the allegedly notorious lawless firm, Dinkes & Schwitzer, much to his humongous discomfort.

      He immediately contacted us. And in spite of being contacted by Dinkes & Schwitzer he decided he didn’t want to be linked with them, and certainly not professionally.

      We are aware that former employees of the firm who want to move on either are reluctant to put, or don’t put, Dinkes & Schwitzer on their resumes. Dinkes & Schwitzer have lost clients left and right from what we hear as clients and employees are allegedly leaving in droves. We’ve also heard that Dinkes & Schwitzer have allegedly lost all prospects of credibility as they are in ruination given their constant alleged illegalities. We have been told be many an honest lawyer that Dinkes & Schwitzer are a drain on the system taking up time and taxes of the public because of theirallegedly constant neediness to be allegedly indulged.

      And that’s just from the legal profession. We have gotten an onslaught of correspondences from clients who have allegedly fired William Hamel and Dinkes & Schwitzer due to total dissatisfaction with them and the alleged maltreatment they were constantly receiving–so much so that they knew they could only but do better with honest attorneys,–of course dependent upon if the latter were indeed honest. (We want to inform our Readership that their are still some honest attorneys out there. We’ve met them. But there’s a lot of chaff out there. We therefore advise all our Readers and contacts that they audition several firms and attorneys because the legal profession has a lot of remedying to do.)

      We do know that William Hamel and Dinkes & Schiwtzer have allegedly lost tons of money due to their alleged corruption for which they and only they are culpable. After all, Hamel had to allegedly pay $300 thousand in fines to the government that accompanied his conditional discharge from prison. We have posted the certified check along with his record in many of our articles. We’re pleased to post this again for our followers.

      Hamel and Dinkes & Schwitzer are not respected within the legal industry and have beenallegedly profiled with much disdain by their peers.
      One of our Audience Members was a client who got out as soon as he could. He wrote a scathing review about Hamel and Dineks & Schwitzer on Yelp only to see within time the bad review somehow got removed. We wonder how. Could it be by the same means that cause the prosecution, conviction, and the admission of Guilt by Hamel to Bribery? What do you think?

      The internet is mightier than the sword…..


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