Hey, 1st Departmental Disciplinary Committee, The Public Wants You To Discipline Yourself

October 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Let’s take a look at these allegedly, (Ladies and Gentleman our Journalistic responsibility forces us to falsely write allegedly because we actually believe and know differently), nefariously nepotistic hypocrites.

We are telling Lawyers old and new: Counselors, if you have a legitimate grievance against another lawyer, but if you don’t either know, or pay off  the members of the 1st Departmental Disciplinary Committee, don’t even harbor the idea that your complaint is going to be handled equitably. Or alternately, Counselors, if your colleague that you’re complaining about has ties to the DDC, well then you are automatically the loser.

And potential clients: we advise given this very accurate assessment, vet your lawyers extremely well, and be ready at a moment’s notice to fire any of them should there even be a hint of impropriety.

As opposed to the medical profession, going from doctor to doctor is perfectly acceptable–even though the latter prefer not-(of course who likes to be fired), lawyers do more than not prefer being fired. Truth is that if you fire an attorney, other attorneys will most likely blame you for anything that may have gone on. We will tell you from our knowledge base and from what our Readership has been telling us, it is very hard getting a 2nd or 3rd attorney or even 4th or 5th attorney, etc.–even when the first ones, were crooked. ——-And, Dear Readers, from our overwhelming responses from all of you, the majority have told us horrendous stories about Dinkes & Schwtizer and Godosky & Gentile to name but two allegedly shady and shifty law firms.

Furthermore, when you have complained about for example, William Hamel, of Dinkes & Schwitzer, who at this point is a admitted thus known criminal, whose criminal record, we know the 1st Departmental Disciplinary Committee is well cognizant of, has just swept it under their rugs.

According to their website ( http://www.nycourts.gov/courts/ad1/committees&programs/DDC/index.shtml#intro  )


The purpose of the Committeeback to top is to protect the public and the legal profession by ensuring that lawyers adhere to the ethical standards set forth in the Rules of Professional Conduct (the “Rules”). The Committee protects the public by reviewing and investigating complaints against lawyers and by recommending sanctions against those who are proven to have violated the Rules. It protects the legal profession by enforcing high standards of conduct, while at the same time ensuring that complaints are dealt with fairly.

The Committee has the authority to take the following actions, depending upon the seriousness of the lawyer’s conduct and the circumstances surrounding it:

  • Refer the complaint to a special Mediation Program, in which a trained volunteer mediator meets with the lawyer and the client to assist them in resolving the complaint privately;
  • Issue a private sanction to the lawyer (a “Letter or Admonition”);
  • Recommend to the Court that the lawyer receive a public condemnation (“censure”);
  • Recommend to the Court that the lawyer’s right to practice law be taken away for a specified period of time (“suspension”); or
  • Recommend to the Court that the lawyer’s license to practice law be taken away (“disbarment”).

Well, what’s your excuse 1st Departmental Disciplinary Committee? Is bribing a Public Servant–the crime William Hamel was forced to admit to because he was caught in the act on tape doing so, not serious enough.–We’ll tell you the public thinks it’s serious enough. So where are you? what are you doing about it?

According to the Rules of Professional Conduct

1st Departmental Disciplinary Committee, when you decide to act honestly–(you may have to look up that word as thus far you are unfamiliar with it), then you can rightfully present yourselves as the watchdog organization that you are supposed to be, and in hte guise of protecting the public , yet.  Until then, we suggest you take your ridiculous self-aggrandizing advertisement on

http://www.nycourts.gov/courts  / http://www.nycourts.gov/courts/ad1/committees&programs/DDC/index.shtml#intro  , to yourselves because you have lost all credibility with your failure to act on the crimes of William Hamel in terms of any punishment of him. By not punishing him you flagrantly publicize you crooked cronyism!

We suggest, in fact we are giving a warning to anyone who seeks the aid of an attorney, to first check if they are a member of the 1st Departmental /or any Disciplinary Committee

Departmental Disciplinary Committee List of Members.

Departmental Disciplinary Committee List of Members.(Courtesy of World-News-Media.com)

If they are then you may as well know that they carry with them a nonsensical sense of security comprising the false knowledge that anything illegal that they may do is acceptable.

Second ask if they are a member or know a member of any Disciplinary Committee.

Dear Readers, isn’t it unfortunate that the watchdog organization that was put in place to protect the public–and allegedly falsely claims such–Hey DDC–if it’s allegedly what have you done to protect the public from Criminals like William Hamel? Hey, DDC, how is it that Godosky & Gentile, who is just one of William Hamel’s/Dinkes &  Schwitzer’s  Defense attorneys is not only in the same building as you but is just doors from you? And despite countless complaints against  William Hamel, the criminal, and Dinkes & Schiwtzer you’ve done nothing to even privately censure them?–Why don’t you explain DDC.—We’re waiting……It is the DDC itself that adds AND feeds the disrepute of lawyers.

The address of the DDC AND Godosky & Gentile:

61 Broadway

DDC- 2nd floor

Godosky & Gentile-Rm 2010

New York NY 10006

Robert Godosky is mentioned 2nd from he top of the Second row.

Hey everyone, this is the alleged backsliding hoax that it will address any of your complaints, the DDC is pulling on the public.

The rest of the list of the DDC membership.  photo Courtesy World-News-Media.com

The rest of the list of the DDC membership. photo Courtesy World-News-Media.com





















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