Judge “Roy Bean” Sherman, Alleged Flunky of Dinkes & Schwitzer And Godosky & Gentile, (A/Well/K/A To Some, as Judge Vermin), By Allegedly Trying To Falsify Public Records, Rides –Again!

December 5, 2013 § 1 Comment

Judge “Roy Bean” Sherman, also well known to some as Judge Vermin allegedly has been doing his dirty deeds again. From what our sources tell us, he is involved behind the scenes to give some dastardly encore performances in case Index No. 22335/2003 which can be accessed via https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcivil/ecourtsMain   >WebCivil Supreme >Kings  County>Index Search 22335/2003 >County: Kings> Search By Index Number  and voila!: You will find, much to the panic and perturbation of Roy Bean Sherman, Dinkes & Schwitzer, and Godosky & Gentile, many features regarding this particular case.

Now note you all, we have not written “facts”. But we have written “features” and are very specific about the verbiage we are using. According to our sources at the Kings County Court House of Horrors, the Office of Court Administration, (OCA), and their tech department are in charge of updating the events taking place during each case’s proceedings, that is, at the Supreme Court of Kings County–but this is only true to the extent that the Judge forwards the information.

Well, although Case Index No. 22335/2003 was referred to an Evidentiary Hearing Officer for an Evidentiary Hearing, and the decisions from it are supposed to be decided by the Special Referee in charge, any Motions go through the Judge to the former. In fact the Judge is in charge of giving the Motions to the Special Referee and so is also in charge of the information funneled through to the OCA to be put on ecourts.

As pursuant to our crack staff writers and first rate researchers, and the information they have yielded and gleaned from the action on the WebCivil Supreme-Motion detail we alas, but have of course, found discrepancies in the Motion Detail below–(Alack, will alleged coincidences never cease?):

If you look at  entry 013 in the “Motion Number” and “Date Filed”: 8/22/2013, the next column says ‘Filed By”: PLAINT and next under “Relief Sought”: Quash Subpoena


You see it was the Plaintiff who filed the Subpoena for the compulsory and required appearance of William Hamel a/k/a known and admitted criminal, William Hamel. The PLAINT DID NOT MOVE to quash his own Subpoena!


Official ecourts WebCivil Supreme-Motion Detail showing intentionally erroneous information/deliberately not updated allegedly the Dirty Work of Kenneth Roy Bean Sherman
Photo Courtesy of World-News-Media.com

Furthermore, in doing so the PLAINT would have also demanded an answer–and did,– unlike what is said under the 6th column from the left where it says “No” under Answer Demanded, as the answer would be for Criminal William Hamel to appear to testify bringing records with him.


Of course in the 7th column it confirms exactly what we have said, and that is,


Before Justice SHERMAN, JCP“–(And Dear Readers, please don’t take the title “Justice” seriously as this guy, allegedly doesn’t know what the word means. Unfortunately he will not be put into office again for as far as we know considering his own alleged actions, –and have awareness that he did himself in,—and beyond that, from what we hear from our stalwart contacts in the legal profession and our powerhouse politico pals, he ruined his own reputation forever.)

To our audience we say that if you notice the Court Details are more than periodically updated to reveal the events of each case except in a case such as this where you have the likes of a Roy Bean Sherman, Dinkes & Schwitzer and Godosky & Gentile involved.

We are warning, the players in this case, i.e., Roy Bean Sherman, Dinkes & Schwitzer, William Hamel, Godosky & Gentile, should one single solitary hair on the litigant’s head be tousled,  ALL of us, will continue our very good relationship with the State’s Attorney General. (Dear Readers the litigant has been compelled to write similar sentiments on his Motions and legal documents to ensure his safety as he fears for it given he is fighting–and fighting legally,– the aforementioned alleged, (alleged? Yeah, Right!), criminals.

All we have to say is Roy Bean Sherman must allegedly enjoy the company and comfort  of guilt by association.–that is, if he can find anyone who is not involved in this case to join him.

We will add that we have been trying to snag interviews with the litigant. Should we be able to secure some we will definitely let our Readership be privy to them.

By the by, guys, we welcome a rebuttal.  We will post your rebuttal. In fact, we will post any and all of your actions!

We will also add that, 1- we have gotten our hands on many of the Motions, and Decisions, as well as documents in this case. We will be glad to publish them since alleged, flunky to Dinkes & Schwitzer and Godosky & Gentile, Kenneth P. Roy Bean Sherman wants to allegedly keep them from public view. And 2-There is no way this case, or the information therefrom, can be sealed. That is, not legally!

But then “these are honorable men”–(Oops, they wouldn’t know we are quoting Shakespeare). So in plain speak, if these guys have been and/or are doing nothing wrong, then they shouldn’t mind our articles and the publication/posting of their Motions and Documents, should they?

Stay tuned………..



§ One Response to Judge “Roy Bean” Sherman, Alleged Flunky of Dinkes & Schwitzer And Godosky & Gentile, (A/Well/K/A To Some, as Judge Vermin), By Allegedly Trying To Falsify Public Records, Rides –Again!

  • Roman says:

    Hello, I read your blog constantly.I agree with such articles as “Judge “Roy Bean” Sherman, Alleged Flunky of Dinkes & Schwitzer And Godosky & Gentile, (A/Well/K/A To Some, as Judge Vermin), By Allegedly Trying To Falsify Public Records, Rides –Again! | world-news-media.com” I think you guys know what you’re talking about because I have friends there who say the same! All I can say is your writing style is spectacular, keep up the good work!


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