Robert Godosky, Allegedly Caught Red Handed–ALLEGEDLY Lying Again. And Fabrication of the Facts Condoned By Special Referee Sunshine

February 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

Earlier, when we posted our article regarding the Litigant’s request for an emergency adjournment. What we didn’t say was that, in response to this request–and the only request to this response mind you, Special Referee Sunshine who still allegedly remains marionette of Dinkes & Schwitzer, Criminal William Hamel, and Kenneth P. Roy Bean Sherman, from what we hear was so rude, and intent of following the dishonest directives of her alleged puppeteers that she did not respond to the very reasonable request of the litigant–who is a layperson for an emergency adjournment. Instead,mind you apparently, decided to obey the illegal orders of her friends that is, — Mr. Robert Godsky told her that a reason to deny such a request is because, –get this: Godosky claims that on an Order to Show there is no right to Reply.

Well apparently to confirm, Ms. Sunshine is allegedly working for Godosky, or she is in his pocket, or as we have said before she is a Flibbertigibbet as the ecourts specifically states that there certainly is the right to submit “Reply” papers and get an adjournment.

Below are the email and the page from the ecourts website. Now all we need is Special Referee Sunshine’s excuse for not granting the emergency adjournment.
This is an excerpt from the ecourts website:

Reply Papers
If you have received opposition papers prior to the hearing date of the Order to Show Cause, you may have time to prepare an affidavit in reply. You may click on Reply Affidavit to download a free civil court form or you may use a form of your own, or obtain one from the clerk or the help center. You must serve a copy of the reply affidavit on the other side and bring extra copies and the original, along with proof of service, to the courtroom on the date the Order to Show Cause is to be heard. If you did not have time to prepare reply papers and feel that it is necessary, you can ask the court for an adjournment for time to prepare papers. The judge may or may not grant your request

2-19-14 Page taken from ecourts re Reply to OSC


As for you Mr. Godosky we know you hate the internet, we know you hate this site but you’ve gotten your comeuppance because we are glad to post more of you alleged ravings.

Yes, Mr. Godosky, we will be pleased to print some more of it. Yes give us more fodder! Our Readership increases by the minute!

As for you Ms. Sunshine, we want to know what’s your excuse for your actions?




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