42 Days/Six, (6), Weeks And Counting, Since Special Referee Sunshine’s Alleged Claim Of Taking Two, (2), Weeks To Decide Upon Simple OSC Which Includes Fugitive Lawyer With Criminal Record, William Hamel’s Fate, Which, If Decision Is Unbiased, Will Be Prison And Prison

April 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

Dear Readers,

This is a open and public letter written directly to Spec. Ref. Sunshine:

It Is Exactly 42 Days Since The last Court Appearance Date 2/19/14 When Special Referee Sunshine Allegedly Falsely Announced That It Would Take Her Two,(2) Weeks, To Rule On A Simple OSC For, Among Other Things, Criminal Record William Hamel’s Punishment Of Contempt Of Court Or Default Judgment In Favor Of Litigant As Subpoenaed Criminal Record William Hamel Has Refused To Appear In Court Also Violating Sunshine’s Own Court Order Demanding Such

Spec. Ref. Sunshine Given Your Past Biased Behavior We Suspect You’re Giving Hamel Time To Continue To Be A Fugitive And We Thank You For Your Effort As It Only Opens The Door, By Law, For a Default Judgment In Litigant’s Favor.

By taking so long without rhyme nor reason to make a ruling, you make yourself suspect of unsavory—in fact illegal acitivity. -But that’s your choice.

We so appreciate your undue flibbertygibberty thinking because as you know, whatever you choose to do, Criminal Record Hamel will go to jail. And we will publish it!

Spec. Ref. Sunny, if you allow Fugitive Lawyer With Criminal Record William Hamel, to continue to violate you own ridiculous Court Order, — we deem and call it “ridiculous” because you defied it yourself claiming on record just ONE, (!), week after filing it, even though you were breaking the law and despite the fact that you were contradicting it as most importantly, you were allowing Dinkes & Schwitzer to choose anyone they pleased to testify for/instead of Hamel! When we heard this one, we were laughing up our sleeves!

Are you taking so long because you are in illegal ex parte negotiations with Criminal Record, William Hamel just like Roy Bean Sherman allegedly was–(We shall never forget when Roy Bean Sherman tried to shut down this case covertly, behind the scenes,–a very cowardly action expressed to solely please his friend, confessed and convicted, William Hamel as well as Dinkes & schiwtzer. Let us not forget when Roy Bean Sherman forced the Litigant to wait one, (1), hour for a Court appearance scheduled at 2:30 PM, only to drift in at the same time as Robert Godosky at 3:30PM)

Roy Bean Sherman, as usual we will post a rebuttal-But we seriously doubt that you have one as, as far as know, and we have this from witnesses, that’s exactly what happened. And we’re only giving part of the story!

We were all rolling on the floor when we heard that you stated in open Court that you couldn’t sanction Hamel for violating the Subpoena demanding his testimony and for voiolating your own Court Order reinforcing it– Yes, rolling on the floor.

And so you are evidently admitting that you don’t know the law-correct? As only a dishonest Special Referee or an uneducated-in-the-law-Special Referee, would make such a dumb remark. Which is it Spec. Ref. Sunshine? Are you uneducated or are you dishonest? we’re taking a vote here…..

And Spec. Ref. Sunshine, we are writing directly to you, when we say, we have stopped biting our tongues just to say you are a laugh riot! Our tongues in our cheeks have so been wagging about that! As do you actually think that it wouldn’t be given press when you nonchalantly defy your own Court Order you filed ONE WEEK PRIOR, in favor of Criminal Record William Hamel and his pals at Dinkes & Schwitzer just to break the law to disadvantage the litigant? And following the same alleged, (Oh, alleged right!) illegal pattern as your predecessor, Old Roy Bean Sherman?

We so beg to differ! Our Dear Spec. Ref. Sunshine, when we support someone we do so wholeheartedly. We legally caught you and we will continue to do so and we will post it!! And your excuses, won’t do. We expect professional and honest conduct from everyone in the court. Anything otherwise will be published. So keep it up. It only raises our stats.

The fact that you are taking excessively and unnecessarily long for a simple court order is highly irregular, and unprofessional–and an abuse of the system-When you were politely requested to give an expedited decision and you volunteered a decision within a 2 week period.——-

And this is when you denied the Litigant an emergency adjournment–Your audacity knows no bounds. –But then what can we expect, you were also requested an emergency adjournment by a layperson because that same litigant didn’t have a computer unlike her adversaries that have law firms–plural–Shame on you. But what can we possibly expect? Spec. Ref. Sunshine’s assignor to the case was the one and only, Roy Bean Sherman.

We can easily and honestly say that we really tried to give you, Sunshine, the benefit of the doubt, since you are a woman that you might have the courage, unlike Roy Bean Sherman, to show your mettle and handle yourself honestly. You and we are past that though. Our disappointment was short lived as we are showing our disdain for you in our articles which is part and parcel of our right, something of which you do not have jurisdiction over.

And thus, you force our hands, and thus our hands are happily forced, to write, publish and advertise your every legal and potentially and allegedly illegal move.

Ergo, we with humor, await your next mercurial and capricious megrim and quirky crazy masochistic nonsensical activity!-In other words thank you for giving us hilarious fodder for articles!



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