The Departmental Disciplinary Committee, (DDC) Once Considered An Honest, Highly Revered, And Inscrutable Organization, Is Now, With Exposure Allegedly Considered A Dishonest and Unscrupulous Organization

April 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

Dear Readers,

In days of yore, when the legal profession and system was thought of as the other Holy Grail, part and parcel of that was the Departmental Disciplinary Committee, (DDC), who/that was properly headed and led spearheading the disbarment of many a lowlife lawyer and/or law firm that would, among other crimes, steal from clients.

All that has changed. In fact the exact contrary exists as apparently Lawyers And Law Firms hiding their membership–if not disavowing it. At this point, it is well known that the DDC is allegedly (Allegedly, yeah right!), corrupt. Taxpayer’s money fund their expenses–and that is, without taxpayers’ awareness and consent.

Since when do wealthy lawyers need strapped taxpayers’ money? They don’t. So only our Journalistic responsibility forces us to add an “allegedly” –but mind you we’ve italicized it to make it clear that we are being facetious and factual.

Much has been written about this, many articles, not just ours regarding the fact that not only is the DDC taking taxpayer’s money without obvious legislation so the common person/voter is aware of this fact but the DDC does so, not even benefitting the public in any way*, contrary to their explanation on the ecourt’s website, where they claim they are not an arm of the law. And yet they take our money and use the government’s website taking more of our money, despite they are a separate and private entity, of the private sector, but are the first to get benefits, yet cut funding for public programs!

*We pose this question: If the DDC does as it claims it does how has Criminal Facilitator, William Hamel continued to practice? We are aware of numerous serious complaints against Crim. Facil. Wm Hamel and staff at Dinkes & Schwitzer that have gone ignored–And they have gone ignored for years.

Taxes are supposed to be allotted to and for that which benefits the public. Taxes are not supposed to go to private enterprise private entities nor are taxes supposed to be allotted for the private sector.

Because of these facts being brought to light, honest honorable lawyers and law firms are no longer advising hurt and damaged clients of the former to go to the DDC but rather are telling them to publicize the unlawful acts of these people–and rightly so.

Unfortunately, for the DDC, the public, does not a herd sheep comprise. We know better. DDC you have, lost all public trust–deservedly so, and we will rail and campaign about your allegedly illegal and covert public funding.

And whether Roy Reardon has stepped down or no, or Robert Godosky allegedly attempts to obscure his membership or no, DDC, you have a long long way to go to redeem yourself to be thought of as honest by the population at large.

We here at applaud the public and ourselves as we are proud dues paying members of the former. We are bursting our buttons alerting the public about the DDC’s alleged atrocities and will continue to do so.

For those clients who have been harmed by their lawyers or law firms we suggest among the remedies to publicize the wrongdoing and be very very careful about what lawyers you hire as if the watchdog agency overlooking the activities of those in the profession is allegedly crooked be aware that this, in the psycho minds of some lawyers and/or law firms give them carte blanche to act accordingly.



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