We’ve Secured An Interview With Law Clerk From Kings County Court (House Of Horrors), 360 Adams St. Bklyn NY 11221

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We’ve Secured An Interview With Law Clerk From Kings County Court (House Of Horrors), 360 Adams St. Bklyn NY 11221:

Dear Audience,

We’ve been able to snag an interview with a law clerk at the Kings County Court House (Of Horrors).  Due to this person’s fear of repercussions, i.e., death threats, and of course, at minimum, loss of this person’s job, we are respecting his/her request for anonymity and extreme discretion in terms of whom he/she works with and/or for etc. For the purposes of this article, and the Interviewee’s safety, (as we and the Interviewee know we are dealing with dangerous people), we won’t refer to this person’s gender or name but instead will use the name Interviewee A.


WMN: “Interviewee A., thank for getting in touch with us and sitting down to speak to us. Please tell us why you are speaking to us.”

Interviewee A.:  “You’re very welcome.  To get right down to business, that’s an easy question to respond to. I feel it’s my duty to expose what is going on, that is, the corruption at the Court.   I know it’s my responsibility to let everyone I can know that cases are rigged. How cronyism is  rampant and prevalent. This is not why I went into the legal profession and it’s not going to continue happening on my watch without my telling the press something. Because the press can hold sway over public opinion; the press can publicize the all too many unlawful occurrences that have been taking place.”

WMN: “Well Interviewee. A., that’s why we’re here. And we’re open to anything you want to inform us about.”

Interviewee A.: “My colleagues and I have read  quite a few of your articles. Law clerks talk you know–and–we exchange a lot of information. The Kings County Supreme Court House is a microcosm, a small world, not just of corruption but of concentrated corruption.  And your label, “”Kings County Supreme, (KCS) “Court House Of Horrors”” is very accurate”.

WMN: “We are aware of that. We hear that from everyone who has had reason to encounter the KCS Courthouse. In fact, all of us here have been fascinated by how many judges at the KCS  have been caught in the midst committing  their own criminal schemes.”

Interviewee A. “Well don’t fool yourselves. I’m there and it still goes on. They haven’t gotten rid of the rancid staff here that exists yet. Having said that,  I’ve come forward to you because you have been profiling  just some of the rotten fruit that stink up our basket.”

WMN: “Okay. Go on. Be our guest.”

Interviewee A.: “Well let’s start with Roy Bean Sherman. I can tell you that without a doubt, he rigs cases for his friends. He has clandestine meetings, secret ex parte contact with his pals. I can tell you from a personality standpoint he is not well liked among the clerks; and from the grapevine, the judges don’t like the guy either.”

WMN: “Oh? Why is that? How do you know this?”

Interviewee A.: “Well if you want me to falsely say “alleged or allegedly” I can. But in truth it’s neither alleged nor is it allegedly. I work there so let us just say, I know this.  Also just look at the documents. What’s more, do you actually think that the legal staff doesn’t know what the judges are doing in most instances? Think again.

I’ve seen cases where the evidence is announced in Court right in front of the judge.  I’ve seen cases where the evidence is right in the documents. I’ve seen cases where the evidence is announced in court and the documents. The point is that I’ve seen these cases where the judges are so crooked that they ignore the evidence–or make up their own,

In terms of Roy Bean Sherman; I’ve seen cases where those documents have been handed directly to Sherman. And Sherman, who’s always going through a permanent eye-rolling position in front of people he doesn’t like or is prejudiced against, will just put the evidence aside, or, for you WMN, —allegedly— trash it. I’ve known about him keeping and withholding evidence.

At first glance, he’s hypocritically religious taking off for holidays in the name of worshipping a deity and then he goes and allegedly fixes cases. Physically he is tall and gangly, which under ordinary circumstances doesn’t mean anything. –But in his case he’s menacing. There’s this menacing element about him. He’s very unpleasant showing consistent condescension. He elicits discomfort and disrespect among many of us. He’s also rumored to be gay, which he doesn’t hide very well if he’s not, which also shouldn’t mean anything it’s just that he has a very prominent misogynistic streak about him. And because of a lot of this, we also call him Roy Bean and snigger when he passes.

But it is  and it’s been more than that. He also doesn’t like smart women because he doesn’t like a woman to show him up. He’s always worrying about that and acts accordingly too frequently showing his hatred toward them,–and overtly.”

WMN:”Are you telling us that us that if in your view statistically female lawyers and/or clients or for that matter female petitioners are likely to lose simply because of their gender?”

Interviewee A.: “Yes. Do you know what happened to one of the female Respondents?

WMN:” No. What?”

Interviewee A.: During one of his cases, at the end  in one of the small court rooms that is carpeted, one of the female Respondents fell because the chair was pulled out from under her!”


Interviewee A.: “Yes! From what I heard everyone gasped! it was the scuttlebutt all over the Court House for weeks–no for months! People tried to help her up. And the only one who looked down on her with disdain, and disrespect and hatred as she left him speechless because he couldn’t say anything, the only one who didn’t inquire if she was alright, was Roy Bean Sherman!”

WMN:” What?”

Interviewee A. “That’s right.

WMN: “Do you think that was a deliberate action?  Then again there’s something radically wrong with him to stand or sit by and not do anything ”

Interviewee: “Look there’s more. I’ve seen it. You decide. And from what I’ve seen, he doesn’t like if there is the even hint of them “showing him up”–You know seeming smarter than he is. You know how some people are. But this is really minor–It is illegal but minor as compared to what else has been going down in the cases he’s overseen. ”

WMN: “Yes?”

Interviewee A. “As, lo and behold, if he feels that one of his male cronies is on the line for something, Roy Bean will go through hell and high water—-no—he will, without compunction allegedly break the law, no matter the consequences to the recipient/lawyer/ petitioner/law clerk/law firm, on his disfavored side, etc. and never look back.”

WMN: “Wow! That’s quite a statement. But in all honesty you’re not the only one we’ve heard that from.”

Interviewee A: “I want to tell you many of us have been religiously reading your blog hanging on tenterhooks till the next entry.

WMN: “Thank you.”

Interviewee A.: “Well it’s well deserved. Having said that, you have profiled some cases one that I heard about, heard argued and have been keeping on top of. A case that Roy Bean forced his unsanitary hands into. I know for a fact that he has allegedly engaged in illegal behavior and in this particular case had clandestine contact with the defendants and their lawyers from day one. By the way, I will explain how it is factual that he had illegal secretive contact with Dinkes & Schwitzer lawyer(s) Godosky & Gentile too.

WMN: “That’s thoroughly illegal.”

Interviewee A: ” Oh, you bet it is. And actually he has continued to do so even though he is supposedly “off ” the case–He is not! The truth is, he knows Dinkes & Schwitzer attorneys, he’s friends with them. He’s friends with that criminal Hamel. He also knows the Godoskys personally and he’s friends with them.

On one of the first days in 2011-2012 when both sides met before him. He met allegedly covertly with the Dinkes & Schiwtzer lawyers beforehand. And then he was and has been meeting with Richard and Robert Godosky. Everything that went on in the case, I’ve been there, and when I haven’t I’ve discussed it with colleagues who have, and I’ve also read the records has been discussed without the Petitioner present. Nothing unsavory that occurred–and plenty that was unsavory occurred, was coincidence.

Roy Bean Sherman deliberately kept the petitioner’s records out of the public file trying to prevent anyone in the public from viewing them. I’ve heard from colleagues–and it seems to be true–he took documents out of the file as well. The situation was so bad that I heard the petitioner had to resubmit the documents which Roy Bean then tried to omit from the file as well. ”

WMN:”Those are all inflammatory allegations. ”

Interviewee A: “As far as I know they are true. I mean why would the Petitioner have to resubmit doubles of documents submitted already? Was this an NSA case ordered to be kept under wraps because terrorists were involved or for that matter, such a hard case so that Roy Bean was compelled to keep the documents in his Chambers for months on end? None of us thought so.Because it wasn’t so. The fact is this case had to do with Dinkes & Schwtizer, and that horrible Convicted criminal William Hamel claiming they fully prosecuted a case when in fact they did not–I’ve seen the records plenty of which are in the public file. And the reason that Roy Bean Sherman kept the evidence out of the file was to help his friends. The reason that this is going on excessively long is because Roy Bean is trying to assist his friends who in my mind and other legal staff members minds are all corrupt.

And then there was Roy Bean Sherman’s attitude towards the Petitioner. Without provocation he would sass the Petitioner. Many of us witnessed that. He couldn’t stand that the Petitioner was so organized and had compiled so much evidence against Dinkes & Scwitzer and that criminal William Hamel. In fact on record Roy Bean Sherman is heard defending that criminal Hamel claiming, even though the records and his Felony complaint show otherwise, “It’s only allegations!” Can you imagine Roy Bean Sherman defending one side to another-we all think he’s disgusting.

And in re to abusing the Petitioner which was constant and as if what I just said is not enough –which it should be as it’s shocking, one wayRoy Bean Sherman would do it,–and this is one among many, Roy Bean Sherman had the petitioner wait for an hour while he and Robert Godosky walked in like snails simultaneously–which is no coincidence. There is nothing,  absolutely nothing in the records where Roy Bean apologized to the very deserving Petitioner for being so late. Instead his attitude  was prissy and privileged as if he had the right to abuse the Petitioner–He does not. Therefore Roy Bean had no excuse except for the fact that he knew ahead of time that Godosky would be late. And the thing is, the Petitioner didn’t know so how did Roy Bean Sherman and Robert Godosky know to come in and hour late at the same time?–That is because they had unlawful covert contact–which is no coincidence!

Plus, Roy Bean Sherman constantly tried to get the events of the case omitted from record. For most of the appearances while he was officially overseeing the case–He actually hasn’t left this case–I will tell you about that too-wait,—the Petitioner, who is a layperson, had to formally request there be a court stenographer, recording the sessions before they began, refusing to speak unless it was on record! This is not done!

Oh but there’s far more as I can go on and on and on. By the way, these didn’t happen again because the Petitioner remarked about this particular incident in the records,–yes it’s in the records so Roy Bean got afraid to pull some of these particular things again. But with what he could get away with–And he’s still trying and he’s still involved–as usual behind the scenes like the coward he has always been.

However that doesn’t mean he hasn’t done other illegal things because he has.

Because, as if I need to say more, he’s also had secret conferences with that piece of work, what do you call her, Senseless? –Whatever, that, Miriam Sunshine.–She’s another one who parades as a religious person,–What a hypocrite.  It’s said she wears a wig for supposed religious purposes. But then does favors for criminals, like William Hamel and allows for the continuation of crime allowing him to violate a subpoena while the rest of us including her cannot –Some religious person. We can’t stand her. And we are very happy you’ve publicized it. keep up the good work. For Miriam Sunshine fo allow those alleged –(for you WMN)— crooks at Dinkes & Schwitzer who have taken the public for millions and allow herself and them to choose whoever they please to testify when whoever they please was not subpoenaed—Why doesn’t she just tell the Petitioner to go home and conduct her mock court by herself?

WMN: “Our Informants have told us much the same and showed us the records as well.”

Interviewee A: ” Yeah, that Miriam Sunshine, well, she also has the reputation of not being the brightest bulb in the in the lamp her indiscretions are so obviously stupid.”

WMN:”Well we’ve heard that too and we agree.”

Interviewee A. “I can tell you that when Roy Bean gave the case to her-Since she functions in his footsteps   how happenstantial could her appointment to this case have been–unlikely.

An awful lot of people can’t stand her by the way. Among the reasons, so I hear is that she constantly has this static, stagnant smile on her face. She smiles for no reason–constantly. It would be okay if she were pleasant but she’s overtly insincere.”

WMN: “That’s highly irritating”

Interviewee A. “Yeah it is. That Miriam Sunshine went with the flow, with the disrespect given to her by Godosky & Gentile. Do I have to tell repeat that convicted criminal William Hamel never appearing defying the subpoena–and I’ve seen it filed and submitted by a layperson–and beautifully, I must say as are all the documents that the Petitioner writes them. The Petitioner writes them with such ease. You would think that the Petitioner were an expert in the field of many of the disciplines of law. The Petitioner is really quite excellent. No wonder why the Petitioner elicits such fear in the core of Dinkes & Schwitzer, that criminal William Hamel Robert Godosky and that maniac Richard Godosky–not to mention Roy Bean Sherman and that smilin’ Miriam Sunshine–

Anyway, as a taxpayer–and I know you guys have mentioned this smilin’ Sunshine wastes time in court  making like she knows something having the audacity to correct the Petitioner–incorrectly. When the scuttlebutt was going around regarding smilin’s antics we have been in hysterics.

And on same more serious note, she, like Roy Bean has had no compunction to harass the Petitioner having Court guards watch her–when in fact it is the other side, Dinkes & Schwtizer, Godosky & Gentile, who is involved with criminals–do I have to mention that Criminal William Hamel. That’s not to leave out the fact that that Sunshine and Roy Bean Sherman have used taxpayer’s money for Court Officers for the Litigant’s case to watch, of all people, the Litigant, when in fact it is that Criminal William Hamel who was convicted of crimes and Dinkes & Schiwtzer and Godosky & Gentile who have threatened the Petitioner–But Court officers are assigned to watch the Litigant!

But worse, so this Sunshine often plays dumb–then again maybe she’s not playing. Maybe she just is dumb. But whatever, when she finally decided to come down with an Order she did so after months, claiming that to do so didn’t come automatically–when there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, –or anyone else’s who’s in the know,–despite her original claims to the contrary, that she didn’t know the case was going on for years. She states on record–and I won’t give it away when and where,– that she behind chamber doors, spoke to Roy Bean Sherman about this case!–

It took at least a month for the Petitioner to retrieve the minutes. Sunshine in her stupidity illegally withheld the minutes from the Petitioner also saying that she would tell–and not in writing mind you–she’s such a lowlife,—- the Court Reporter supervisor, to give the minutes to the Petitioner. You can bet some more shenanigans are going on with that!

And then when that Sunshine finally came down with her first court Order, she then tries to deny her decision. I must tell you we all know what occurred, and that is: She came down with her decision which was in the favor of the Petitioner which by law she had to–I must also tell you even that 1st Order doesn’t comply with the law–but then you know that,—anyway, and in the Court House we all know this by now, that at the time of that Court Order, Sunshine, Roy Bean, Dinkes & Schwitzer, the Godoskys and Knipel,  hadn’t had the time to schedule a meeting together simultaneously so Sunshine came down with an Order relatively in accordance with the law because she wasn’t sure of the outcome of that meeting and she also wanted to save her own hind quarters. (We all thought she was so dumb for making a point about her deciding upon the production of documents that don’t belong to her, (Sunshine) that she can’t decide upon in that Court Order!)

Nevertheless, it is a well known fact in the KCS Courthouse–Mind you, no matter how hard they try there are no secrets that could be kept from the Law clerks and further from the rest of the staff–Oh I could tell you stories. And there are Judges, and JHO’s who think that we don’t know–we do!–But back to this, it was decided at this meeting with the above mentioned–of course minus the Petitioner that the decision was too much in accordance with the law and benefitted the Petitioner too much. So it was decided by the partners in crime above, (Sunshine, Roy Bean, Dinkes & Schwitzer, the Godoskys and Knipel) that Smilin’ Sunshine would illegally revoke it–at least to the best of her feeble ability.

Or let me say it more plainly: Smilin’ Sunshine was ordered by that Criminal Hamel to let him get away with violating the subpoena–And that idiot obeyed. But her illegality has not gone unnoticed!- just like that of Roy Bean Sherman and friends.”

WMN: “Interviewee A. That’s what it looks like and it makes a lot of sense. We believe it and we know it.  And we know and believe it because you are not the only one we’ve heard this from. And you’re right that there are no secrets in a Court house.–Believe us I’m sure Knipel is trying his best to keep this quiet as it affects him too. ”

Interviewee A: “What I say makes a lot of sense simply because it’s true and yes, my colleagues know about this and have been talking about this and we’re not going to stop letting the rest of the population know that these supposed lawyers and judges and Special Referees are trying their best to protect criminals. And Knipel can’t keep it quiet. And by now everyone has seen that Godosky & Gentile And Roy Bean Sherman letter to Knipel. Please also let people know that Sunshine will try to keep onlookers out–I heard that there is an effort to have this be played out in front of an audience which is exactly what Sunshine doesn’t want–and by the way neither did Roy Bean.”

WMN: “Interviewee A. you just have come forward confirming the deliberate and willful rigging of this case and the serious crimes that are being committed by those who are supposed to be upholding the law. The worst nightmare to a criminal is being discovered and exposed. Pat yourself on the back for helping us to expose these criminals.”

Interviewee A.:  ” Hey and what about Sunshine caught lying when she said on record that she can’t sanction Dinkes & Schiwtzer/William Hamel for violating that Subpoena. Apparently she thinks there are those of us who won’t speak out. Well there are plenty of us who will! Please. I’m doing this because it is the right thing to do. i had to come forward and expose them for what they are. And I know that some of these people have been involved in criminal and/or illegal behavior such as Roy Bean Sherman and Miriam Sunshine among them–in fact most of them except for the Petitioner,  have engaged in threatening people, (It is on record that Richard Godosky among places in open court, threatened the Petitioner and on record that Dinkes & Schwitzer’s Criminal William Hamel and Joelle Jensen did so as well), witness tampering and tampering with evidence, ad infinitum.  I believe it is important for me to add  that only slight rumor has it that at these illegal clandestine meetings that took place between those  I’ve mentioned that they  discussed physically harming the Petitioner–They’ve harassed the Petitioner in ways I haven’t mentioned. Look they’ve stolen from many people, helped to protect criminals. The reason I’m doing this without giving my name is because I also know that they are dangerous.”

WMN: “Interviewee A That’s our understanding and knowledge as well and we do not take these things lightly and made some provisions. We know that the Petitioner is very very smart,–thank goodness and always at the end of the Petitioners documents the Petitioner has always emphasized concern for the Petitioner’s own life and safety in writing so if anything happens to the Petitioner everyone will know who did it. So we agree. We wouldn’t put it past these, who we consider very dangerous people. (But then again, if something doesn’t happen to the Petitioner it’s only because the Petitioner was and is intelligent enough to put the boilerplate “I fear for my safety” at the end of each document submitted.–not because these corrupt people didn’t plan or talk about harming the Petitioner because they already engaged in threatening and the harassment of the Petitioner) And there are other articles that profile that kind of criminal behavior expressed by these people and their pals. In fact The Daily News, The Post,  New York Law Journal, among other news outlets, has mentioned these things. So, yes that’s factual.”

And we thank you for your courage and time.”

Interviewee A : “My pleasure.”






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