Continued; Part II of: We’ve Secured An Interview With Another Law Clerk At Kings County Supreme Court House Of Horrors

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Roy Bean Sherman Allegedly (Allegedly, yeah Right!), So Afraid Of Public Scrutiny For His Alleged (Alleged, uh-huh), Illegalities That He Avoids Having Hearings Heard In Front Of Pubic Juries, And Instead Will Only Have Special Referee Marionettes Preside Over Same Cases And Will Not Give Petitioners/Litigants/Respondents Relief Requested


Dear Readers,

This is an adjunct to the previous Law clerk interview. Should the Law clerk  consent, we will secure even more interviews.

WMN: “When last we spoke to your colleague, we were talking about Judges and Special Referees at the Kings County Court House. To maintain your anonymity we will call you,Interviewee B”

Interviewee B:” Okay. Whereas I’d like to talk about the most infamous, that is, or they are, Roy Bean Sherman and Special Referee Sunshine–Now mind you I have tons of stories about others.–There’s the Spec. Ref. who thinks it’s proper to have a picnic in the Courtroom as she proceeds to eat her lunch–too often an odorous bursting sandwich–when the signs expressly say, “NO FOOD”, (in Court rooms)

Then the Judges and Special referees who take undue advantage of the law, us taxpayers, and us law clerks by having excessive amounts of guards  supposedly protecting their sandwiches as opposed to guarding the Courthouse or situations where guards are really needed.

It was just recently that a number of us gathered around the Manhattan courthouse protesting the shortage of guards in the Courthouses where they may be needed. When in fact many of the Judges and Special Referees are thoroughly self indulgent, think they’re royalty–in fact they inappropriately act like it, tell security that they need it when either they don’t or they are trying to harass some disliked lawyers or laypeople.”

WMN:” You’re kidding us! So Judges and Special Refs. violate simple rules and regs regarding food and….”

Interviewee B:”That’s right!. They can’t control themselves. I’m also like my friend who spoke to you earlier, so glad for a blog such as yours to expose how these supposed “people in authority” take  advantage of the public,— of which I and my colleagues are members,– with impunity. But should someone who’s in their disfavor or on their hit list do the same or even similar. They’re gonna get ’em!

WMN: “What do you mean exactly?”

Interviewee B: “It is a well known fact  that some Judges and Special Referees have discussions with the favored lawyers or side about harming the unfavored. C’mon. This is the most corrupt courthouse in the nation are you kidding? Judges and Special Referees have been indicted left and right! And incidentally we’re expecting more indictments of them any minute–that’s what we’re expecting the corruption is so bad here!”

WMN: “What? Incidentally that wasn’t a “What” meaning we didn’t hear you. It was a “What” conveying shock at the lengths they will go to get their way.”

Interviewee B: “The Judges and Special Referees think we don’t know———-We know. And absolutely! Don’t you find it odd that one of the Petitioners previously discussed last fell in the court room? In the records and I also took a gander, that same Litigant was threatened numerous times. Roy Bean Sherman has been heard numerous times saying, he can do whatever he wants.–In fact I heard him say that–No,– everyone  in the Court house has in one venue or another. Either he’s said in publicly. Or he’s had the audacity to say it to staff so he thinks it’s private. What a dolt.

And I believe it was the same person who had the chair pulled out from under, on carpet mind you, so it couldn’t be heard, who was also threatened by that, uh, nut, –oh what is his name? He’s an old guy….Maybe we can contribute it to that-No. It was that Richard Godosky, who’s known as a loose cannon anyway…..

Look I read the file. The Layperson who is prosecuting that case in motions, had mentioned these guys were dangerous. I believe it. I know it. Roy Bean Sherman is in league with them things haven’t changed with him.

And the most recent threat occurred while in Spec. Referee Sunshine’s Court Room. Unless she’s an idiot–which she does have the reputation for being, given the crazy way I’ve seen her conduct herself, how she didn’t warn the Godoskys, since she knows that that Criminal William Hamel is involved.– that such untoward despicable outbursts are malapropos. But since she’s apparently involved in the corruption along with that Roy Bean Sherman who is so deep in this–then again so is she; —- well, they’ll never be able to dig themselves out.

And quite frankly neither I nor my colleagues will forget. And neither will all the people we know.  This is a constant topic of conversation with us even with our extended acquaintances as well. And you know the worst type of publicity is word of mouth or that which is posted on the internet!

WNM:”It’s true. We’ve gotten so many responses and our stats have gone through the roof!”


Interviewee B: “And that’s not the only thing that evokes anger from me. The other is we have some honest people working here in the Kings County Supreme. Roy Bean Sherman, Miriam Sunshine and criminal pals who they protect such as William Hamel from that renegade firm and the Godoskys from Godosky & Gentile who everyone knows are still dues paying members of the DDC–otherwise the lot of them including the 1st two would have been run out of the country–not just the county but the country, are members. These “people”,  give the rest of us a bad name, they give our profession a bad rap and they make our courthouse a very dangerous place. There are a number of us who are looking into their ouster.”

WMN:”Their ouster?”

Interviewee B: “Most definitely. And one last thing, I just want to make very clear that Roy Bean Sherman had the choice of turning some of the cases he has presided over into trials by jury.  However, Roy Bean Sherman  when he has a dirty hand in the proceedings wouldn’t dare because he’s petrified that whatever crooks he sides with, if presented in front of a jury of laypeople wouldn’t win. And by the way the same goes for the Miriam Sunshine; and that’s whey he chose and many other judges choose the high-profile  and controversial–that is, controversial to them–not to the general public, to be overseen by the likes of a Miriam Sunshine whose hands are just as dirty.

Look, Knipel is very well aware of all this and most of us believe he is and has been wholeheartedly involved as well.  To say he and his cohorts are unethical is the most infinite understatement. We honest ones in the profession, no matter what our position don’t like these guys. And because your collar is white, and especially because you are in an adjudicatory position doesn’t mean you should be. What it most likely means is that you are the most hypocritical and most corrupt person there is.”

WMN:” Interviewee B, like your colleague, you are very wise. Your statements and views are honest and very sound. We admire you.”





Part II: We’ve Secured An Interview With A Law Clerk At Kings County Supreme Court House Of Horrors



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