U.S.Department Of Justice Issues Subpoenas To Cuomo Aids For Documents In Regard To His Disbandment Of Moreland Commission, To Assist In Probe Of New York City And State Governmental Corruption

July 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Dear Readers,

To continue on our crusade to expose the venality of New York City and State as it are among the worst, if not the worst, in the country we report that:

According to unnamed governmental sources. the office of Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York. has sent out subpoenas to produce documents to the likely players involved in the reason for U.S’s probe of Governor Cuomo’s command to dismantle, the Moreland Commission.

Accordingly this move which reeks of deception and deceptive activities, has put Cuomo in quite the hot seat as no sooner did the commission just start it’s work by examining the governor’s cronies, when simultaneously he knocked it out of service.

When disbanded, the newly formed commission, which was in its infancy, in fact was just months old angered Mr. Bharara as it did the partisan and non-partisan public–and rightly so, as there has been much work to do. And, according to claims by the New York Times, Cuomo’s top aide, Larry Schwartz, arbitrarily demanded subpoenas to supporters of Cuomo to be abjured.

According to the New York Times, during the 9 short months of its’ existence, Cuomo instituted another aide, Regina Calcaterra designating her as “spy”, to monitor the goings-on of the commission. And, despite the disbandment of the Commission, and statements made by representative of the Citizen’s Union, Ms. Calcaterra is still on the payroll of the defunct commission with a salary of $175,000, –this being 4 months after it’s Cuomo demanded dissolution.

The Cuomo Administration, has publicly indicated that they feel that the Commission did what it had to do and therefore it was shut down. Well it that is the true, why does everyone know that governmental corruption is still rampant and prevalent trickling down to the Judiciary, why if the Commission is non-existent, is Ms. Calcaterra still on the payroll at a $175K clip.

Although, Gov. Cuomo, has recently been silent about this issue, obviously to try to take the public and the DOJ’s minds off the situation–a tactic that has not worked, –his answer in the form of excuses to any queries regarding his untoward actions to likely audit and further dismember the commission, have been inadequate as such have just made for more questions about it to come to the fore.

Governor Cuomo has virtually claimed that the commission was his, (actually the Commission is the public’s Commission–it is paid for by public taxpayers), and since he instituted the commission he could also shut it down. Much of the public seems to disagree, as does the Department of Justice, especially when the shut down of said Commission just begins, and moreover just begins to examine Cuomo cronies.

To further quell any transparency into this political debacle, the Cuomo Administration has made such claims, that any inquiries about the destruction of the Moreland Commission, was responded to in a 13 page answer published in the New York Times and thus is not current. If this is so why are many of us from all factions still questioning it?

As corruption is non-partisan, the pursuance of the perpetrators of corruption is non-partisan. We applaud our colleagues at the New York Times for again bringing this very pertinent, newsworthy and current issue to the fore as well as our fellow denizens at the Citizen’s Union for being right there to point it out and persistent.

We too will be unrelenting on the matter and are thankful that the Department of Justice, and Preet Bhrara have taken on the job that Cuomo was supposed to do and is further investigating why the didn’t do it.



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