Complaints Reportedly Lodged Against Kings County Supreme Court Judge Kenneth P. Sherman Filed With Commission On Judicial Conduct Citing Major Role In Alleged Widespread Judicial Case-Fixing Scams, Promulgated By And Beneficial To, Legal Profession White-Collar Criminal Contingent

April 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

Kings County Supreme Court Judge Kenneth P. Sherman, known as “Roy Bean” to most, long acknowledged to have alleged heavy involvement in, if not leadership in, the corruption extant and throughout the Judiciary. He purportedly hails from the crooked New York Political Machine, and one of the obedient arms of governmental corruption the non-tolerating public and Federal Authorities have been going after, Kings County Supreme Court.

The Kings County Supreme Court for years has been recognized as a breeding, and temporary stomping ground where reputedly disreputable judges hang their robes, only to mete out injustice when wearing them, per the debauched deals made with, and in accommodation of, their similar base brethren, that is, until they can go to a higher court to taint the cases there.–And taint cases these justices allegedly do, (justices being a misnomer as justice has nothing to do with it) as the graft existent in New York government is pervasive and prevalent among members of the bench,–despite their feckless attempt by them to keep it under wraps(which makes it one of the worst kept secrets given the criminal indictments over the years) as they have oft in whatever venue, employed illegal prejudicial practices, in many instances in the course of Obstruction of Justice and violation of criminal laws — giving safe refuge to criminal cronies, while banning justice to the citizens who were victims of the white-collar crimes, and who are the citizens who pay them their wages and to whom they, the Judges owe their allegiance, and their responsibility to dispense parity. (Obstruction of Justice is a Federal Offense and which subjects perpetrators, most of whom are in the legal profession crimes, to Federal law, prosecution and penalties).

And now according to reliable sources, none other than Judge Kenneth P. Sherman, who has attracted and accumulated much notoriety, has countless complaints leveled against him, registered with the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, (CJC) alleging his participation in Case Fixing Scams and other sundry and highly illegal activities, apparently having no connection to the law or to being a judge yet speciously perpetrated while he was supposed to be working as a civil servant, in service to the public, following the law, and appropriately acting like a judge–And just bare in mind, complaints claim Sherman has allegedly acted illegally, contrary to the best interests of the public, while on the public taxpayer’s payroll.

According to unnamed sources, complaints filed with the agency have documented accounts of Sherman’s allegedly pointed tactics to quell cases contrary to his or his friends motives–among them by allegedly fabricating Court Orders, sometimes 2 versions of Court Orders, one of which he would keep suppressed from one of the parties as well as the public, the suppressed one would act as a catalyst to illegally put an end to the case–and then only under certain circumstances that Sherman would control. On a constant Sherman allegedly basis denied waiving court fees for destitute litigants since they weren’t among those in the cadre of the preferentially treated, despite granting the request is a common occurrence, and did so seemingly in an effort to make the prosecution of their cases more difficult, to squelch their chances to properly prosecute their cases and to try to have them capitulate for lack of funds.

Per the complaints, Sherman allegedly tried to keep court appearances off the record, also concealing documents from the record while he was specifically requested to release them to the file, and while he had no legal reason for not doing so. In one of the cases, Sherman allegedly allowed his preferred party, William Hamel (who at the time was fighting Felony Charges flung at him by the Attorney General’s Office in Bronx Supreme Court Criminal Term, among which were Bribery and insurance Fraud) and his firm Dinkes & Schwitzer, (the firm’s name changed to Schwitzer & Associates likely to distance itself from negative press—-unlikely to happen)to violate his own court orders without a single sanction, and then tampered with condemnatory evidence against them, the condemnatory evidence of which allegedly, boosted the criminal case against him, Sherman allegedly keeping the documents in his possession and out of the file, censoring the evidence, solely it would seem to give safe refuge to Hamel and Associates, (Allegedly, right!)–And as far as we know, there’s more.

Clearly there is a pattern of case rigging and Obstruction of Justice afoot provoked and promoted by the person in charge, who was also a contributor to the corruption, allegedly, Sherman. (Allegedly, right!)

We at World-News-Media have for quite a few years now have been citing “Roy Bean” Sherman’s alleged wrongdoings, posting documentation representative of his alleged improprieties. (We must reiterate that only out of journalistic responsibility do we preface such words or terms as “wrongdoing” and the like, with the word or words like “alleged “, albeit an italicized. Any illegal activity and the perpetrators connected to it and cited in this article, to our knowledge is factual based on documents, reliable sources,etc.) –We emphatically state that we believe every word of all complaints proffered against Sherman alleging his illegal activities inclusive of Case tampering. in fact we know them to be stating facts because we have seen the corroborating documents and spoken to too many.

The CJC, is a government entity funded by taxpayers. Whereas the CJC does not have the authority to criminally prosecute a judge, the CJC has the power and authority to remove the corrupt judges, to remove all the “Roy Beans” –Sherman didn’t get that moniker for naught, –from the bench. And they also have the power to report them to government agencies with the power to criminally prosecute.

With that we of the public and the press want our government to be rid of the corruption that infects it part and parcel of which are the corrupt judges that have turned the infection into a plague. And allegedly, Sherman is not the only one, we know of quite a few.(Out of respect for our public readership, we will be mentioning more names and will continue on this crusade to oust the corrupt judges from their seats on the bench)

We urge the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, (CJC), to completely expunge Kenneth P. Sherman from the Judiciary, and other such judges who allegedly have their own agenda and that of their white-collar confederates of a criminal ilk, with whom they work in concert to rig cases and obstruct justice. We emphasize to CJC staff, that a slap on the wrist, a censure, or a temporary suspension, won’t suffice, for promoting crime at the expense of the citizenry.

We are all unfortunately cognizant that judges still receive pensions even after criminal convictions –which should not be as we of the public don’t have and don’t want to have the money for substandard and dishonest people wearing a black robe in the guise of a Judge–(Next crusade).

In the interest of public good, and a clean government, we of the public and the media strongly suggest that the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct rid the Judiciary of one of its cankers, Kenneth P. Sherman.

Complaints Lodged Against Kings County Supreme Court Judge Kenneth P. Sherman Filed With Commission On Judicial Conduct Alleging Massive Illegalities Including His Alleged Major Role In The ¬†Widespread Judicial Case-Fixing Scams, Promulgated By And Beneficial To, The White Collar Criminal Contingent Of The Legal Profession. Sources Confirm:Finger- Pointing and Blame-Shifting Reign…..



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