World News Media is made up of members of the Press committed to alerting the public to the blatant abuses of individuals, by major companies, firms etc., and the extremes those entities go to cover up their wrongdoings.

We have seen outrageous incidents that have gone otherwise unnoticed, and unpunished, far too numerous to mention, by supposed watchdog agencies, where the little guy has been victimized but had no voice  thus no avenue of recourse.

But that was in days of yore for times have changed. And, as abuse can only be successful if it is covert. we are here to not just reveal the abuse, but to advertise it.



We reserve and claim no responsibility for comments of users. All comments by users are opinions and may be based on facts but we are not responsible for any discrepancies.

We are of the belief in Freedom of the Press as well as the opinions of our readers as long as the material  posted is expressed without expletives. We also stand by the belief that any persons or groups expressing negativity towards a subject or subject matter on world-news-media’s site has done so as they may have been given the impetus in the form of, at the least, dissatisfaction with the receiving party. Otherwise they would not take the time to attempt to post. Therefore, as we at world-news-media have no authority over parties writing or referred to, and we take no responsibility in the posts thereof.


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World-news-media.com and all other trademarks, trade names, logos and other intellectual property owned by the world-news-media.com are solely the property of the world-news-media.com and cannot be used without world-news-media.com’s express prior written permission.



  • Dear Sir orMadam:

    Am yet unable to get in touch with you regarding another Dinkes & Schwitzer / Feadral Attorny cooperation. Do you have an email address so one can share with you their version of implementing the law.


    • Publisher says:

      Dear A,

      Please contact us on our site. We cannot respond to every email that is sent to us as there are so many.

      Please tell us you story. We will certainly attempt to investigate it.


    • Publisher says:

      Dear A,

      Please write to us on our blog. We will not only try to investigate your allegations but we will be glad to see if we can respond to you personally. But we wil not publish anything you are not comfortable with–(please tell us your thoughts).

      But we do not give out our personal emails


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