We are a group of Journalists who are staunch believers in making people entrusted by the public to act within the realm of legality, take responsibility for their own illicit and/or illegal actions. We will be very glad to further alert the public of such and other misdeeds.

Administrator and Publisher

Among the members on our heroic team:

Adele Carnelia

Adele has been a writer, and editor of many blogs over the years whose subject matter varied from fashion and entertainment to hard news.  She has joined our staff as contributing editor. We consider her our 24/7 person. When she is not being strident about furthering our mission, she is keeping a watchful eye out for issues we think should be divulged.

Tom Dillion

Tom hails from small town, USA writing for local newspapers. He decided long ago to transport himself to more cosmopolitan digs and picked up journalistically where he left off, that is, pointing out that which needs to be unveiled. However, when he needs a break, he’s busy with his family.

Rachel Cohen-Barnstad

Rachel was reared on blogs and is strictly a blogger with a journalism sense about her. She chases news items and then returns to her reporting apparatus and writes.

Dana Graves

While Dana has dabbled in many realms of the writing field, he feels blogging is the way of the present as well as future. With that said, he is a supporter of Cyber Fourth Estate and complete freedom of its Press.

Pam Accles

Pam is new to our site but nevertheless strident in her beliefs regarding our cause. She has long been a writer of user-friendly technical manuals always having  to express her need to help the consumer.   She feels working with us on our blog is yet another way to assist.

Jason Jackson-Boles

Jason is our newest staff member and copywriter. He has worked mainly abroad and got in touch with us since our blog is very popular in the U.K and Europe. And with his different view of things we welcome him wholeheartedly. He personally is in touch with those Readers who are either residents, ex-patriots, or stationed across the Atlantic.


§ One Response to ABOUT US

  • Alaa Salem says:

    I was also victimized by the same team of highly articulate white colors the law office the medical provider and the federal attorney. Wonder how to contact you to help turning some lights on them.


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